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Malta Citizenship For Doing Business

Sliema, Malta

Many business people and investors are interested in setting up their companies abroad. And the Republic of Malta is very attractive to them in this respect.

There are favorable conditions for doing business in Malta. These include numerous benefits, a loyal tax system, and prospects for development and expansion, as the country is a member of the European Union.

However, before one starts collecting and preparing documents for Malta Permanent Residence, one should thoroughly study the requirements and recommendations for applicants and then be ready for the move with the help of migration agency specialists.

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Understanding Malta’s Citizenship Program

It is possible to get a residence permit and then a Maltese passport in different ways, but for business people, an investment program is suitable, in which they should invest in the economy of the island state in an amount not less than 690,000 euros.

The investor has time for this: more than one year. Also, he will have to undergo vetting for reliability, as the Republic wants to see only those who are clean before the law and legally earn their capital among its citizens. The second way: starting one’s own business on the territory of the island state.

Benefits of Maltese Citizenship for Business Owners

When opening a business in an island nation, the investor receives benefits such as:

  • a stable, crisis-resistant economy;
  • eurozone’s membership;
  • a strong legal system;
  • reliability of banking organizations;
  • availability of offices of global companies and corporations;
  • state programs for maintaining entrepreneurship;
  • preferential tax treatment;
  • high standard of living;
  • low crime rate.

According to Albert Loffe (the company Imin-Malta), an expert on the investment program of Malta,  it is possible to get Maltese second citizenship, issued within a year for exceptional merit.

Process of Acquiring Maltese Citizenship

The procedure for the investment program consists of these steps:

  • obtaining a resident card for three years for the applicant’s entire family;
  • a preliminary decision from the Community Malta Agency;
  • investing in the country’s economy and submitting an application and naturalization package;
  • obtaining a certificate of naturalization and citizenship for the applicant’s entire family.

The principal applicant is over 18, as well as their immediate family: spouse, financially dependent children under the age of 29, and parents over the age of 55, are selected to participate.

Business Environment in Malta

Opening a company in the Republic allows access to strong economic ties with EU countries and countries outside the EU. Various programs and schemes have been developed for business people, providing incentives for foreign investors from different fields.

A distinct advantage is the ease and convenience of registering a Maltese company. The island is home to representative offices of large corporations worldwide, which positively affects the development of any business.

There is an opportunity to establish mutually beneficial connections for doing business in Malta, expanding and increasing profits.

Setting Up a Business

To register a company in Malta, one needs to register the articles of association with the Financial Services Authority, pay the appropriate fee and take these steps:

  • choose the type of company;
  • come up with an original name;
  • prepare a package of documents;
  • obtain a certificate of registration and licenses, if necessary;
  • get a tax identification number;
  • register VAT in Malta and get a RE number.

Usually, the whole process takes up to 2 weeks. However, one should have a registered office in Malta before one starts.

Now that you understand all the features of moving to Malta for investment and Malta business opportunities, you can start preparing documents.

It is difficult to do on your own, and you can drag out the process by making mistakes. To avoid this, you should contact a specialist immigration agency and delegate all the preparation, called a turnkey. And very soon, you and your family will be able to move to a European country where you can live comfortably, conduct and develop business and enjoy the beauty of nature.