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Lower Utility Bills! Return To An Elected PSC?

downloadBy Sam Fields, BrowardBeat.com, Special to EyesOnNews.com, Jan 14, 2015 – After reading about the latest plan approved by Florida’s utility-friendly Public Service Commission, it may be time to go back to an elected PSC.

Here’s the newest outrage:

We are all familiar with a layaway plan.  Make small payments in advance. When you have paid off the item, you can pick it up.

Imagine laws permitting a layaway plan that the store could unilaterally terminate, keep your money and keep the goods you wanted to purchase.

What would you call the folks who allowed that?  Crazy?  Crooks?

No, you would call them the Florida Legislature and the Florida PSC.

And we are not talking about Target and televisions or Best Buy and washing machines.

We are talking about Next Era Energy—aka, Florida Power & Light— and Duke Energy.  We are talking about their fracking exploration in Oklahoma and nuclear plants in Florida.


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