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Live Casino Platform Solutions for iGaming Business

Want to level up your online casino gaming platform? As an iGaming business platform, you need to stay up to date with the latest iGaming solutions available in the market.

You can immediately get the upper hand among your competitors by adding a live casino platform solution integrated within your business.

What Is A Live Dealer?

A live casino is a virtual casino that allows players to interact and play with live dealers while playing table games. It provides a real-life feel when you play games.

In a live casino, you can play in real-time in private or public rooms (i.e., in the room of your choice). You can virtually become a part of any room you choose. Thereafter, the card dealer of your respective room will deal with the cards just like in the case of any brick-and-mortar casino.

Why Is Live Dealer Important For Any Gambling Platform?

The presence of online casinos is increasing tremendously. New playgrounds are being launched every day. Most of these platforms include all sorts of games, bonuses, payment methods, and other such features.

Products like live casinos and features related to artificial intelligence can keep your gambling platform unique from others.

Other reasons to consider live dealer for any gambling platform are:

1.     Increase the Scope of Your Platform

Like live betting, live casinos are in huge demand. People miss interacting with others as they used to while visiting gambling establishments. Live dealers bring them a step closer to reality. It allows players to interact with other players, talk with the dealer and have fun virtually.

This all adds to the scope of the platform. Players that prefer live casino over land-based games will be enticed to join your online iGaming platform.

2.     Dealer That Speaks the Native Language

These live casinos include dealers that deal with the cards and interact with the players in the player’s native language. This allows users to understand the game better.

Also, each table game is played differently in a different country. For instance, American roulette is a bit different from European roulette. Having dealers of your native place that speak your native language makes table games more fun.

3.     Variety of Live Games

Some table games are better enjoyed with the involvement of a live dealer. This goes well for table and card games.

Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Teen Patti, and other table games are better played live. Moreover, the live casino adds to the huge variety of live casinos that can be integrated into your website.

4.     Brings More Players

As live casinos increase the scope of your platform, you will be able to attract more players to your gambling platform. Players who miss out on land-based casino fun will be more than happy to join online gaming platforms to try their luck.

What Solutions Exist For A Live Casino Product?

Since you have decided to include this product in your gambling platform. The next consideration to make is the type of live dealer software solution. There are generally two to three solutions that exist for a live dealer product.

You can get live casino platform solutions from NuxGame just contact them at their official website. The solutions are available in products such as Seamless Wallet API and Turnkey. Lets’ know what each of these means.

1.     Seamless Wallet API

A Seamless Wallet API is a type of live casino product solution preferable for those low on budget. It is an affordable means of getting live dealer software integrated into your website through API.

The integration through API is fast and allows you to integrate it on your current website as well.

2.     Turnkey

Turnkey is another common iGaming platform solution in which a ready-made product is made to integrate on your existing or new website.

The turnkey solution allows you to choose from a few readymade solutions. You can choose one to depend on the layout, background theme, and interface you prefer.

With NuxGame, you can get a turnkey solution integrated within your website within 48 hours and instantly kickstart your gambling platform. Turnkey solutions are powered by AI, round-the-clock customer support, multiple payment options, free demo, and more.