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Joint is Jumpin’ At “5 Guys Named Moe”

moelgBy Michelle F. Solomon, FloridaTheaterOnStage.com, Special to EyesOnNews.com, Dec 23, 2014 – Jukebox musicals many times find a flimsy storyline as a way to hang curtains on a repertoire of music. And so it is with Five Guys Named Moe at Broward Stage Door Theatre, a paean to Louis Jordan, a 1940s rhythm and blues man who, as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, is known as the Grandfather of Rock ‘N Roll.

Yet Jordan isn’t really the household name he should be. He was creating music at the same time as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby, and people like Chuck Berry and Ray Charles have said that their music was profoundly influenced by Jordan.

Amazingly, the playwright who put the staged Moe together, which got its West End debut thanks to big time theatrical producer Cameron Mackintosh, is Clarke Peters. Name sound familiar? For TV junkies, Peters became known for his roles as detective Lester Freamon and Albert “Big Chief” Lambreaux on the HBO dramasThe Wire and Treme. Yep, that Clarke Peters who was a song and dance man before he was a television star.