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Internet – the Place of all Possibilities

The Internet begins its history back in the 1950’s together with the development of technology and electronics and was initially used as a form of online network mainly for governmental issues.

In 1969, the first online message was sent from UCLA to SRI. The World Wide Web, as close as we know it today, appeared in the 1980’s and it used to have a system of information on which there were some documents linked.

The internet started to gain momentum in the middle of the 1990’s, when it had a major effect and impact on society, culture and everyday life. It started off as being accessed through dial-up connection, which took a lot of time and was really noisy.

Nowadays, the internet is faster than ever, you can have access to it nearly everywhere and you have the possibility to find almost everything you want and need. You can also use it for communication, sending big files, shopping and many other things. Basically, you don’t need to get out of the house to do most of the things you have to do. So, it not only transformed itself, but the life we know today and this can be both a good and a bad thing at once since everybody spends more and more time surfing for little nothings and scrolling on the news feeds without even looking. The internet usage also had a great impact on the mental and physical health of people because, as much as you can find anything behind one click, you can also bump into serious situations of cyberbullying or other scams.

Information source

The internet is full of information about nearly any subject you can think of. It revolutionized science, education and it can successfully replace a library as you can find almost any kind of book or scientific article you might need. However, this kind of information is usually not for free, despite of the fact that this is how it got us used to be. In addition, anyone can contribute with information by just posting articles, anyone can build a blog or a website and it got as far as confusing sometimes. That is because not everyone that shares something on the World Wide Web is previously informed and there is nothing that can verify the sources and their legitimacy. On the other hand, there are some safe websites that are usually verified and legit, but that does not mean that they are the only ones. Browsers and search engines “know everything” and you can find information on any subject. You might think it is impossible, but there are some narrow areas that are not yet covered entirely (like historical facts or exact data), but the searching process helps with putting together whatever information you need.

There is also the possibility to find maps and translation software, so even travelling is easier than it used to be before internet came along. Can you even imagine the world 50 years ago? How about 100? There were no such things as telephones, TVs, not to mention computers. It is true, information was hardly accessible, but libraries used to replace the World Wide Web successfully.

Finding people and communication

Communication has never been easier since the internet came in the picture. You can send instant messages, pictures, videos, documents and pretty much whatever you need or want. However, specialists state that, since the improvement of communication and its speed, real-life relationships began to suffer a lot. People don’t find the pleasure in actually meeting people one on one, preferring to just sit in the comfort of their homes and chat for hours through online messages. Social media also affected the way we see the world that surrounds us because everything is public: the identity, local issues, personal things, anything.

The major upside is that it saves people a lot of time since messages or documents arrive from one part of the world to the other in a matter of seconds, just like that. Besides that, there is the possibility of doing some people search and finding some old friends that you never kept in touch with, some high school colleagues that you forgot about. Internet has done some serious improvements in communication.

Market place

Besides all of the opportunities that the internet created in time, it also improved the economy, by creating jobs and marketplaces. Many of the big stores and shops worldwide chose to create online stores to sell their merchandise and some are even thinking to slowly keep only the online shop and closing all the other ones. If it is possible or not, we will see, but there is a reason for this: it is cheaper as it does not require so many employees, a space that requires rent, electricity and other services that generate bills. Now, as much as people got more comfortable and lazier, there are still some that don’t quite like to shop online, especially when it comes to clothes since they cannot see them in reality, try them and feel them.

However, online stores have very friendly policies when it comes to returning or exchanging. Besides, if all shopping were to go online, where would be the pleasure to spend time glazing at showcases and smelling the scent of the new clothes in the shops?


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