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Important Steps If You Plan To Move Abroad

Moving abroad is an exciting, eye-opening, enriching experience that requires a lot of preparation and thought. There are a number of steps that you must go through. In order to make the transition as smooth and carefree as possible, here are the important steps that you must do to prepare for the move abroad.

Learn The Language

When it comes to language, the circumstances differ by country. In many countries, a foreigner will have to learn the language and get tested on it in order to become a citizen. If you plan on moving overseas to a country that has this requirement, you should start your language studies as soon as possible. Also, it is best to learn the language of the place that you are moving to because you want to be as versatile as possible.

In many countries, you need to learn the local language in order to survive, stay safe, be comfortable and properly get around. There are some countries where you can get around pretty easily without knowing the native language. For example, English is fluently spoken in many European countries. If you go to a place like Norway, most people—if not everyone—are going to be able to fluently speak to you in English. 

Learn The Culture

Prior to moving overseas, you should definitely brush up on the country’s culture. If you don’t, you might accidentally offend people or feel offended by people. It is also a wise idea to study the culture of the place because, many times, official laws are based upon cultural norms and mores. The culture of a place clues you into what types of laws exist and what you can get into trouble for.

For example, if you move to a non-Western country that is very religious and conservative, you might accidentally offend someone or even break a law for doing something that is perfectly normal, legal and mundane in the Western world.

Get An Idea Of The Area

Before you move overseas, make sure to study the area that you are going to. Look at maps, talk to people from that area and research the region online. Make sure to learn about major roads, transit systems and various neighborhoods that exist. This will make you more educated as well as give you a better understanding for your own safety and security.

Look At The Laws

Prior to an overseas move, look at what the laws of the country are before you go there. There may be items that you have in your possession that are perfectly legal in your home country but completely illegal in the place that you are going to. You may have something in your possession that you will be mildly penalized for in your old country, though that same item may earn you years of prison in your new country.

Research Your Qualifications

Do some research about what the value of your degree, work experience, education and qualifications are in the new country. Some professional qualifications might be easily transferable from your old country. However, you may need to get new licenses for your occupation in the new country. Look into what kinds of tests and licenses, if any, you have to have in order to properly practice your occupation in your new home.

Find A Job And Living Arrangements

It is of utmost importance that you secure a job and living arrangements in the overseas place that you are moving to. You can do research online about where to find jobs in the new country and what kind of jobs are available. It is also a good idea to ask around in your local community and social network about jobs and living arrangements. The country that you are moving to may have a specific organization or website where many jobs are posted.


Be sure to allow yourself a certain amount of time and a certain deadline to do all of the things that you need to do. For example, by what date and time do you plan on moving overseas? By what date do you want to establish living arrangements and a job? By what date do you expect yourself to understand the laws, culture and language of the country? If there are any important papers or certifications that you need to receive in order to go to the country and live there, you may want to factor in the time that it will take to do these things.


Moving overseas is, without a doubt, costly. Figure out how much money the whole endeavor will cost and make sure that you will have enough money. This will allow you to plan out what you have to do in the case that you don’t have enough money.


It is of the utmost importance to get all of your important paperwork together before moving overseas. Take some time to get together every single form of identification that you can think of—social security cards, mail with your name and address on it, college degrees, birth certificates, various types of photo identification and passports. You should also have identification showing that you are qualified to live in your chosen country.

Make Your Move Known

As you plan to move overseas, it is important that you make your plans known to various people and organizations. For example, you are going to want to make the fact known to your friends and family members. It is also easy to change your address online, as updates will be made right away.

Pack Items

Make sure to properly pack the items you need and that are important to you. Pack everything in such a way where space is used efficiently and you can easily access what you need.  Also, you want to make sure that everything is securely packed and that your bags are in good condition because you don’t want your bags to fall apart, or everything to fall out of your bags.