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How To Stop Getting Unwanted Emails


Almost all of us can’t wait for more than half an hour without taking a glance at our mailbox. All these constant interruptions result in some serious negative impact both on our mental acuity and our productivity. The simplest solution is to close an email client so that we don’t get distracted by any sort of incoming messages and notifications. However, there is another way out — to reduce email overload.

Getting fewer emails means fewer notifications, and fewer notifications mean less amount of distraction throughout the day. While you might not be able to ask your boss to stop mailing you, you can try out the following tips and tricks to prevent any spam or promotional messages from distracting you while you are at work.

  • Mark As Spam: Most of the email service providers such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Apple Mail, or Microsoft Outlook have several types of inbuilt algorithms that can easily help in filtering junk and spam messages by tucking them away into a separate folder. However, if you find any sort of these emails in your regular mailbox, always mark them as spam. Marking these messages as spam will send them into a spam folder automatically. Moreover, if you receive any further emails from that particular address, they will be sent directly to the spam folder without any manual work.
  • Do Not Open Suspicious Messages: Another easy way of how spammers collect addresses is by sending messages that contain tracking pixels. Tracking pixels are typically a 1*1px image that can track whether a message was opened or not. In case you open a spam message containing such tracking pixels, the spammer gets a notification that it was opened and your mailbox is active and monitored.
  • The best way to avoid having your account captured is to simply delete all messages from senders that are unknown to you. In case you need a safe solution that will help you to keep away from getting unwanted messages and newsletters, you can use an email organizer and unsubscribe like Clean Email. With its help, it is easy to manage your overloaded mailbox filled with unwanted or unread messages more efficiently.
  • Do Not Publish Your Email Address On the Web: Nowadays spammers can use tools to scrape the internet and gather lists of email addresses. In simple words, if your email address is exposed anywhere on the internet scammers might easily grab it, use it to spam you, or even sell your data to other companies.
  • To avoid this, do not publish your email address anywhere online. Also, keep in mind the rule: the more emails you send, the more unwanted messages you receive. To reduce email overload, you can use other communication channels such as video calls, personal talks, or using a voice messaging app.
  • Never Give Your Address To Companies That You Don’t Trust: The final tip is to remain careful while giving your email address. Remember, most of the companies don’t abuse this information but some will. It is always a good idea to give your email address to those businesses or companies that you trust only. This way there are fewer chances your address will be sold to spammers.