How to Protect Your Property from Florida Raccoons

Raccoons are among the most creative pests and have been found in suburban, urban, and rural environments. Raccoons are often attracted to your property due to garbage, compost piles, and pet food.

Popularly known as trash burglars, raccoons are often found playing in trash bins and can be dangerous and destructive to your property. Along with spreading trash throughout your yards, raccoons can cause structural damage to your home by chewing on wires or damaging the insulation. Thus, protecting your home from raccoons is essential.

Let’s review how to protect your property from raccoons.

  • Ensure that Your Trash is Closed Tightly

Raccoons are commonly found in trash bins as they look for accessible food there. If they have any inkling that there might be accessible food available outside or inside your home, they sneak into the garbage cans to get it.

Since raccoons are immediately attracted to trash cans, the first step to protect your property from them is to secure your trash bins. You may consider using trash lids that close tightly and lock into place. Make sure to use heavy-duty trash bags. When disposing of meat, ensure that you’ve double wrapped the waste meat items to reduce the odor.

  • Drive Them Out of Your Yard

While trash bins may be the ideal hiding places for raccoons, you may be surprised at the various places they have access to in your home. They can climb into your home through open windows or can be hiding in your yard. This website will help you identify raccoons and also suggest raccoon prevention methods.

If raccoons are raiding your yard, you may use strategies like using motion sprinklers or strobe lights to drive them away. You may also use noise as a strategy to scare them by playing loud music in your yard. However, make sure to keep switching up your plan so that they don’t get accustomed to your scare tactics.

You may also use electric fences to keep raccoons at bay. Consider using six-foot tall fences and set the fence on a timer after sunset.

  • Use Raccoon Repellents

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American raccoon climbed into the attic of a house

If you’ve already got a persistent raccoon problem, then you may consider using raccoon repellents. However, since raccoons are persistent animals, raccoon repellants may not work optimally, but they’re worth a try. Here’s more information on what to do if you find a raccoon on your property.

  • Clean Up

As raccoons love places like yards and trash cans where they can hide and build their habitat, regular yard clean up and maintenance is essential. Make sure to prune the shrubs, mow the grass, and seal any entry points to chimneys and attics. Cleaning up your yard will ensure that there’s a limited hiding place for the raccoons.

If you’ve got fruit trees in your yard or have a vegetable garden, make sure to pick up the ripe fruits and vegetables. Ensure that no ripe foods are on the ground. Make sure that the compost has a locking cover.

If your family likes to cook or dine in the yard, make sure that you clean up after your meal. For optimal results, use a cleaner with bleach that can help remove the odor.

  • Tend to Pets

Raccoons are also attracted to all sorts of pet food. If you have a bird feeder in your yard, make sure it’s a hanging one and out of reach of the raccoons. Make sure not to leave any pet food outside overnight.

Make sure that you seal all pet entry doors at night. Since raccoons can be carriers of rabies, ensure that your pets have the required shots.

Raccoon Removal

Though you may be able to protect your property while using the methods mentioned above, some raccoons are persistent and intelligent and may find their way back to your yard. While some people may kill the raccoons by poisoning them, getting rid of the dead raccoon can be messy.

The best way to ensure that your property is free from raccoons is to call on a professionals service. Due to their knowledge and experience, raccoon removal companies will ensure that they appropriately take care of your home’s raccoon issue.

Raccoons are commonly found pests in Florida, and they can cause a lot of damage to your property if left unattended. Since raccoons thrive in areas like the trash bin and yards, one of the easiest ways to avoid raccoons in your property is to keep these areas protected.

You may also use an electric fence, raccoon repellents, or raccoon traps to get rid of raccoons if you already have them raiding your property. However, for optimal results, make sure to call on a professional service to help you rid your home of raccoons.