How To Pack Efficiently: The Best Way To Organize Your Moving

Many people start to shiver when they hear the word ‘packing’. For most of us, it is an exhausting process and it seems that it will never come to an end when you start this challenge. One of the main questions that interests people who are on the point of packing all the belongings is how to do that efficiently.

It often happens that packing materials and supplies are limited and you should fit everything carefully enough to prevent damages. 

You will be surprised to find out that with simple packing tips, it is possible to transform this tiresome activity into the process that will not last too long and interfere with your comfort.

  • Schedule the process in advance

It is important not to leave this responsible task for the last minute, so when you learn that moving is unavoidable, it is time to make the first sketches of your relocation schedule. You should know clearly what tasks must be completed by a certain date and follow this plan strictly.

  • Begin with an inventory

As soon as you decide when it is time to start the process and how long you can be busy with it, you should take a tour around your home and check every shelf and drawer in search of things that can be sold, donated and simply sent to trash. There is no sense in paying money for transporting items that have no value to you and will only take space. It would be also great if you make a room-by-room checklist of the belongings to be taken with to prevent losses and thefts.

  • Start with items you use rarely

It is possible to start preparing things for relocation in advance. Every family has items that are used not often and their absence will not lead to any discomfort. The same goes for some furniture pieces that can be disassembled several days prior to the move. It will save a great deal of time on a moving day.

  • Get labels of a different color for every room

When you get ready for relocation, it is worth thinking about unpacking too. It is enough to imagine how tired you will be after the arrival and delivery of all your stuff, so you should know which boxes contain must-have things to use immediately. It means that labels are of utmost importance: 

  • Choose a unique color for every room
  • Add a short list of things inside
  • Number
  • Stick labels onto different sides of the box

Pack clothes as they are

If you do not want to move air and waste time for additional actions, never remove clothes from hangers or take them out of drawers. Secure the last ones using and put clothes to the boxes as they are – it will be easier to put things to their places in the new home and you will not move air in the empty drawers that take much space.

  • Collect a bag of essentials

It is important to think about what you are going to do when you arrive at a new home and see an abundance of boxes and nothing more. For this purpose, you need to prepare two bags: one with documents, money, medicine, jewelry and everything you can’t entrust movers with and the second one with bedding, shampoo, towel, toothbrush and paste to get ready for sleep. There is little chance that you will unpack everything on the day of arrival – it is better to have a rest and start the process with a light head!

  • Instruct movers and packers

If you take advantage of packer services, the first thing you should do on their arrival is to set priorities. It is important to pay attention to the location of fragile and valuable things, set the order of rooms, show the place to put boxes, focus on the things you are not taking with, etc. Don’t forget to tell movers and packers that they should ask you if they have any questions and try to follow the process because nobody else knows your home better than you do.

  • Organize a packing station

When a box is full and labeled, you should not leave it aside. It is important to prepare a separate room or space close to the entrance where you or your assistants can store all the belongings ready for a move-out. 

  • Use some of your belongings for more efficient packing

Sometimes there is no sense to waste money for too many packing materials because some of the things we have can be used to help us during the move. Socks, towels, bed sheets can be used to secure glass and plastic objects inside the box. Blankets and duvets can cover more sizable items and be protected from dirt with a wrap. Trash bags are strong enough to pack them with some items too and save on boxes. A tube hanger can be placed in a special big box and all your clothes can be moved hanging thanks to that.

These simple tips can make packing more efficient and prevent you from unexpected challenges you may face when you arrive at your new home.