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How to Market Your WebApp Startup in 2022

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A web app is a browser-based computer program. Think of Twitter for the web, Pinterest, Alibaba, Forbes and the Washington Post. These websites look and feel like mobile apps. Yet, they run through the web.

You can create a web app for your business with the help of a professional web designer. But how do you market your startup to increase leads and sales for your business?

Start a Blog

More than 409 million people read 23.7 billion blog posts every month on wordpress.com. People read blog posts to find information, inspiration, explanations, persuasion and entertainment.

In other words, a blog doesn’t automatically earn you customers. It connects you to people interested in learning about the products you sell. Let’s say you’ve created an image and video editing tool.

Loads of people would want to edit their photos using a professional tool. But they don’t know which tools to use and how to use them. Publishing blog posts can help drive these people to your website—you can explain to them about video editing tools, how to use them and why they should buy your product.

Create a Newsletter and Send Emails

Contrary to popular opinion, email marketing is still one of the best marketing strategies in 2022. Think about this—over 4.2 billion people own emails. Now, you don’t need to acquire everyone’s email to promote your web app startup.

You need a strategy to legally collect emails from people who would be interested in your products and services. Let’s say your web application helps native speakers teach foreigners how to speak their local languages.

As such, you need emails for people interested in learning new languages. Create a killer offer, say a free email in exchange for a free one-hour lesson on how to teach people how to speak a new language through your platform.

Invest in Organic Marketing

Email marketing is one way of marketing your startup organically. But it’s not the only method. For starters, organic marketing can help drive a spike of traffic to your website. This traffic might come from search engines like Google or social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Now, marketing your startup to attract 10-100 visitors per month is easy. Attracting 10,000 to one million visitors to your website monthly is challenging. But guess what? People do it every year. Many successful businesses succeed by investing in great organic marketing.

They partner with trusted digital marketing agencies like MoonRanking to source and generate quality traffic for their websites. Marketing firms work with you to determine keywords that can help generate quality traffic to your site.

Consider Paid Advertising

Lately, it seems everyone is talking about organic marketing. But this doesn’t mean paid advertising has no place in 2022. According to eMarketer, online business owners spent $455B on paid advertising in 2021.

The primary reason businesses spend so much money on advertising is because it works. It delivers results. In fact, paid-per-click advertising has an ROI of $2 for every $1 spent. Again, this is because paid advertising can be targeted to reach the specific audience you want.

More than 50% of online startups advertise through search engines like Google and Big! However, social networks are also proving to be highly effective platforms for paid marketing. All you need is a budget and an idea of where to find potential customers.

Partner With the Right Influencers

Your goal is to increase the visibility of your online business, right? Partner with content creators followed by millions of people. They might charge you $100, $500 or $1000 for a post, but they post your advert to millions of people.

Imagine if a popular influencer helps drive 10,000 people to your website. Also, picture if 1000 of these web visitors subscribe to your newsletter or make a purchase. At the end of it, you can win new subscribers, leads or customers.

Use Promotions for Marketing

A promotion is a marketing strategy that involves helping customers save money or get more value for their money in a short period of time. Promotions give people reasons to buy your products—they can save or earn money for using your products.

Now, running a promotion doesn’t automatically lead to success. You need a strategy, an audience and policies to help you get value from your promotion. A strategy helps you determine when to run your promotion, what to offer your customers and how to convince them to participate in your promotion.


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