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How Online Casinos Have Transformed Gambling


For decades, the gambling industry has been extremely popular – especially in the US.

Since 2020, gambling has seen an even greater boost in engagement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where many people were stuck at home and needed some quick and easy entertainment. Unsurprisingly, online gambling was there to fill the space.

  • 85 percent of Americans have gambled at least once in their lives
  • 60 percent of Americans have gambled over the past year

Ever since then, online casinos have become a crowd favorite. Now, it’s become common for a person to play online casino games on their smartphone, tablet, and computer – making it one of the most accessible hobbies that there is.

With that said, what are the specific ways in which online casinos have transformed the gambling industry? Here are some interesting examples:

On-the-go entertainment

Online casinos are very easy to access: all you need to do is open up your web browser and check out online casinos for US players.

Because of how easy they are to access, it makes gaming ‘on-the-go’ much easier for players. For example, if a person is on a lunch break at work, there’s nothing stopping them from grabbing their smartphone and playing some online slots, or maybe even a quick game of blackjack.

In the modern age – where both young and old generations expect instant entertainment – this is proving to be an effective driver behind the gambling industry.

A similar experience to video games

In the old days, the gambling industry was very limited in what it could offer. Now, this has all changed – and it’s all thanks to technology.

Now, the online gambling industry is all about providing users with a gaming-like experience. At the click of a button, you can launch yourself into expertly animated 3D-casino games – from adventure to action ones – that replicate the experience you would have on a console such as the PlayStation 5.

As the future unfolds, it’s expected that the gambling industry will continue to go in the ‘video game direction’, meaning that companies will stay focused on producing gaming content of high quality.

Bonuses and offers

When you enter an online casino, you will usually be greeted by a variety of different bonuses and offers that are free for you to activate (for example, free spins on the slots). It’s these bonuses and offers that are transforming gambling as we know it today.

Now, the average gambler expects bonuses and offers to be regularly offered to them – otherwise, they can easily switch to another provider. Therefore, there’s a lot of pressure on online casinos (and other gambling providers) to stay on top of this trend and satisfy expectations.

App downloads

Originally, online casinos were only accessible via popular web browsers like Google. However, over recent years, online casino developers have started to produce online casino apps for people to download from different app stores, such as the Google Play Store.

The reason for this is simple: apps can provide a more complete and unique experience for the player. Plus, it means they don’t have to log in via a web browser every time they want to play a casino game, as everything is ready and waiting for them in the app version.

Different payment methods

Lastly, online casinos have made it popular to offer different payment methods for players. For example, the average gambling site now offers bank, PayPal, and (in some instances) Bitcoin payment options. Essentially, this helps to broaden their appeal and keep different groups of people happy, whether they’re looking to play casino games or bet on sports.


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