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How Have Phone Scams Evolved in the Last Years?


Financial scams are the bane of the times we live in. From email scams to social media scams to phone scams, it seems like scams are unavoidable in today’s time and the moment one is not careful is the moment something untoward can happen. With hackers becoming smarter and stronger, cyber scams are also a cause of concern.

But what about one of the oldest scams i.e. phone scams?

How have they evolved? Let us find out!

Beware of Suspicious Text Messages and Emails

This is one of the oldest phone scams wherein you will be asked to share some private information at the behest of several things. Whatever it is, never respond to any such request. You must aim to double-check if the request is coming from a known sender and seems a little off like asking for money. They may be a victim of hacking.

Faith Based Events

As a rule of thumb, never share personal details with anyone over the phone. In all likelihood, it is a scammer at work.

Fake Charity Requests

Giving back to society is a noble deed, one that people are encouraged to do more and more. However, this is also a form of scam that many people fall prey to. Never give in to demands of charity over the phone from a suspicious-looking text or email.

Even if it seems authentic, find more about the charity and get in touch with them before making any donations. More often than not, scammers resort to using a noble cause to rob you of your hard-earned money.

Technical Support Calls

Technology can be a funny thing and while it has solved several issues and made our lives easier, it also has exposed us to several scams.

If you get a call from someone claiming to call from Apple, Microsoft  or any such place saying that they have found an issue with your system or phone and need you to share details to solve the issue, never fall for the bait. This is a scam in all likelihood and you need to not engage with it.

Government Imposters Are the Worst

Scammers claiming to be government officials and threatening you with consequences if you do not pay a certain amount of money towards something that they say you have to is something you should never fall for.

Government officials are never going to reach you in this manner and there will be proper paperwork and official summons, even if you are in trouble.

Lottery Scams

These are around for as long as we can remember and people still keep falling for them. If a text, call, or email claims you have won 1 million dollars, please ignore it. You have not! Do not make the cardinal sin of sharing any private details or money.

The Final Word

There are tons of phone scams out there waiting for unsuspecting targets. However, being careful can save you from these. So, never trust anything that seems too good to be true.