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Fun Amidst Restrictions: What Summer 2021 Looks Like For Florida


With the number of cases shrinking, the state of Florida has not implemented any new restrictions, and old restrictions have been lifted. This makes it a prime opportunity for anyone seeking to enjoy fresh air to plot out how to spend their summer months.

With spring break already starting, it is worth considering what the summer scene looks like for this year. So what sort of summer activities are available for everyone?

Art Heist

Anyone who enjoys a good show will be glad to know of a socially distanced, outdoor theater production called the Art Heist Experience. The audience becomes novice detectives working to solve a $500 million art heist. Running from March 16 to April 4, the show allows for the audience to have an active role as they can interrogate “suspects” and come up with their own theories about who among the cast is guilty.

Instead of having a script, the actors improvise as they interact with the audience, making each show a wholly unique experience for everyone involved. The show is for ages 13 and up, as there are adult themes in the production.

Outdoor Movies And New World Symphonic Performances

In the past year, public movie experiences were practically non-existent. Even as restrictions ease, there are still some causes for concern over closed spaces. South Florida has responded by doing outdoor movies at the New World Center.

So far there are planned movies every week from March to May, but the organizers say that the titles are subject to change. They also would like to remind those attending to be mindful of the weather conditions. With Florida experiencing a spike in high temperatures, it is crucial for everyone to stay hydrated and care for their skin.

Skincare essentials recommended by beauty influencers include good moisturizers, sunscreen, and hydration mists. Proper precautions regarding the weather can help attendees enjoy the outdoor screenings better.

Neighborhood Food And Drink Crawl

South Florida is the home of some of the best breweries and food spots. Anyone seeking to explore the local culinary options can walk around Wynwood and enjoy some cold brew at J. Wakefield. There are also ever-changing art murals that visitors can catch at Wynwood Walls park.

The neighborhood of Wynwood is also the home of several good eating spots, including 1-800 Lucky, Coyo, and Pizza Tropical. South Florida is also pretty bountiful regarding rooftop bars and drinking patios, so those aiming to taste local cocktails or seek familiar flavors will be spoiled for choice. Beyond Wynwood, visitors can also go to Homestead for some famous cinnamon buns and milkshakes.

South Florida’s summer scene does not look like it’ll be slowing down any time soon. Anyone seeking to make the most of their spring break or their summer vacation will be happy to know that South Florida has a lot to offer. Vacationers will simply need to do their research on the many options available so they can choose which activities suit them best.