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Focus on Training for a More Successful Sales Team

The sales landscape is constantly changing, especially as technology gets thrown into the mix. New salespeople not only have to learn the ropes of selling but also how to use the technology provided to them.

Many sales managers rely on mentoring and maybe some basic training to get their new reps up to speed and then leave them to their own devices. The thing is, to get the best out of your sales reps, you should actually be providing continued training not only for skill development but to reinforce things already learned.

Track Performance

Some salespeople may perform better than others, and it’s important to know who is struggling. There’s always potential to do better as long as they are provided with the right tools and training.

You can increase sales leads with tracking software that allows you to monitor your team’s performance and evaluate call activity metrics. The more visibility you have into the performance of your sales efforts, the more opportunity you have to respond and make changes for the better.

Software Training

Sales software provides amazing tools that allow reps to perform better and get through more leads faster. Useful features include:

  • Lead and sales tracking
  • Auto dialing
  • Call recording
  • VoIP
  • Scripting
  • Appointment Setting
  • Lead routing and integration
  • Email and SMS marketing

Many of these tools automate tedious processes that would otherwise take up too much of the rep’s time. The thing is, though, that unless properly trained, reps may not be making the most of the software.

It all starts with management: they too need to be able to use the technology to their team’s advantage. They should be gaining and analyzing the insights provided by lead and sales tracking, customizing templates where necessary, and optimizing the lead routing process.

If the ones leading don’t even know how to use the tech, then how can the reps be expected to use it optimally? Knowledge needs to start from the top and then trickle downward. If that means taking the time to get training from the software provider, then it’s an investment worth looking into.

Engagement Training

Too many sales reps fall into the trap of engaging with prospects and leads in a way that is cold and impersonal. They spend too much time talking about themselves or about what they have to offer instead of taking the time to listen.

Sales managers need to put an emphasis on training reps to take the time to listen to the prospect or lead’s wants, needs, and concerns. Reps need to establish a relationship with them and nurture it to solicit an emotional response and connect with them personally.

Put less focus on sticking to the script and more on the idea of engaging in a conversation that produces a relationship that will carry the lead through the sales cycle.

With more focus on training, sales teams should see more success – especially if these lessons are reinforced from time to time.