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Florida – The Paradise State


When you consider Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State, it makes sense that it’s a tourist hotspot. Even those who have never visited picture miles of sunny beaches and palm-lined streets when the state is mentioned.

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, Florida recorded substantial numbers of tourists in the year 2019. The first six months of that year saw almost 69 million tourists visit the state for holidays.

It’s not just Americans who want to take advantage of the hiking, fishing, and 1,350 miles of coastline. European visitors take advantage of great charter and hotel/flight deals to take their holiday in the state.

In 2019, Florida saw the following:

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  • 6 million Canadian visitors
  • 5 million travelers from the United Kingdom
  • 2 million people from Brazil

Top Reasons to Visit the Sunshine State

If you want to put paradise in your holiday, Florida can really add a tropical feeling. Beach hotels, tucked away national park escapes and stunning nature walks offer something for everyone.

Some come for the world-famous theme parks, others for the nightlife, while some want to spend their day golfing. Florida has so much to offer for all ages, that it’s hardly surprising everyone wants to come.

Here are some reasons people come from Illinois, Alabama and further away such as Canada, Colombia and the U.K.

  • Theme parks

If you want a thrilling family vacation, then Florida is the best destination. No matter where in the world you’re visiting from, Florida is a slice of heaven. Its history, nature and blend of cultures can’t be found anywhere else.

  • Watersports

You’re never too far from the water when you’re in Florida, so take advantage of some fishing, surfing, or sailing. The state is famous for over 663 miles of wide beaches mixed with sand dunes. Therefore, making it the ideal destination for Spring Break and family-friendly occasions. If you prefer a romantic getaway, yacht charter Fort Lauderdale to experience the blue lagoon of Biscayne Bay, rich with reefs and marine life. Jet skis and diving are some of the many ways to enjoy the tranquil waters.

  • Nightlife

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity reality television show, you’ll know about Floridian nightlife. Sip cocktails on West Palm Beach with your shades on to feel like you’re part of the crew.

  • Golf

There are more golf courses here than in any other state, and the weather makes it easy all year round.

  • Nature

Florida has some of the most incredible nature, wetlands, and species that you can see in the United States. Many come to visit the Everglades National Park, which covers much of the southwest of the state.

  • Museums and Culture

You’ll find museums in every county, with highlights including Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry. There are art, history and even aviation museums that will satisfy culture-seekers on vacation.

Travel Options

If you want to get the most out of your Florida visit, then doing a boat hire is a good option. It’s becoming more popular, particularly with visitors from places with a very little coastline. Hiring a boat is very accessible now and rates are competitive. You can sleep on board and stop off in some of the most beautiful destinations in the state. It’s also easy to get boat hire for a day trip to visit some of the islands. Feeling the gentle breeze as you cruise the crystal waters really gives you the feeling you’re in paradise.

Beautiful Spots to Add to Your Florida Wishlist

Whether you choose to hire a boat or travel another way, you should add these destinations to your list.

  • Miami

Probably the most trendy city in Florida, Miami is colorful, vibrant and fun. You can shop until you drop at Lincoln Road Mall or be seen on South Beach.

Soak up the Caribbean influence in Little Haiti or Little Havana, and check out the historic homes on Coconut Grove. Grab a coffee in a cute cafe or dress to the nines for rooftop cocktails as night falls.

  • Fort Lauderdale

One of the most popular boating areas in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale is the relaxed neighbor of Miami. It’s really pretty though, with 165 miles of waterways and canals to wander. Fort Lauderdale is also known for its shopping and dining. If you want to pick up a bargain or some great Italian food, then you’ll certainly find it here.

  • Key Largo

This is known as the Dive Capital of the World, and the only living coral reef in the US. It’s also a popular place for deep-sea fishing and snorkeling. For something different, there’s the first undersea park in the country, and you can scuba diver into the undersea hotel. It’s also just a gorgeous place for a relaxing stroll.

  • Naples

Upscale Naples is the most southern city on the Gulf Coast. From the pretty condos that line the ocean to the quaint feel of downtown, it is very picturesque. Play golf, visit an art gallery or spot dolphins playing from Naples Pier. The beaches are gorgeous too, with warm shallow waters perfect for a dip.

Florida is a Haven for Holidaymakers

The reason Florida attracts so many visitors is that there’s just so much to keep people entertained. You’re never far from a stretch of white sand but can also bring the kids to crazy golf. No matter where in the world you’re visiting from, Florida is a slice of heaven. Its history, nature and blend of cultures can’t be found anywhere else.