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Fishing in Bonita Springs: A Complete Guide

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Halfway between Fort Myers and Naples, lies a charming beach community that offers amazing fishing. Just picture lush mangrove forests and miles of sparkling beaches. Then add in the fact that the area offers access to both Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, and you can begin to see why so many anglers love fishing in Bonita Springs.

Out in this part of Southwest Florida, there are many different fish to target and various techniques to try out. If you’re looking to start planning your fishing trip, read on and we’ll explore the vibrant Bonita Springs fishery together.

Top Fish to Catch in Bonita Springs

No matter the time of year you visit, there’ll be something you can catch. The Estero Bay estuary serves as a nursery for many species, including Snook, Redfish, and juvenile Tarpon. Outside the bay, the list of targets grows even bigger as the fish migrate along the coast of Florida. Here are just some of the top fish to catch in Bonita Springs.


There are very few inshore species that are as exciting to catch as Snook. They’re known for their speed and intelligence, and will often blitz to underwater roots in an attempt to cut your fishing line. If you do manage to keep them hooked, they’ll put up a hard fight and dazzle you with their acrobatic leaps.

While you can find them year-round, the prime time for Snook fishing in Bonita Springs starts around April and extends into October. You’ll usually find these feisty fish by pitching to mangroves, docks, and similar structures. Alternatively, you can try fishing around the inlets or along the Imperial River.


For many anglers, Redfish stand at the top of their list of inshore fishing favorites. And rightfully so – these fish are fun to catch, they put up a great fight, and they can grow to impressive sizes. Redfish are also ravenous feeders, making them a great target for novices and experienced anglers alike.

The best part about fishing for Redfish is that they’re very adaptable and can be found in many different areas. In Bonita Springs, you can find them hiding in the mangroves, grass flats, or in the channels connecting Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.


Known for their raw power, incredible stamina, and acrobatics that rival even Sailfish, Tarpon are one of Florida’s most beloved species. They’re notoriously difficult to hook, thanks to their bony mouths, and they’ll give even the most experienced angler a hard battle. Oh, and did we mention adult Tarpon can weigh over 200 pounds?

Estero Bay holds a year-round population of juvenile Tarpon. These will give anglers a small hint of what they can expect when taking on the monster-sized, adult version. Bigger Tarpon usually show their silvery scales around April, and it’s possible to catch them throughout May, June, and July.

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