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Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to New Zealand

Auckland, NZ

The small but beautiful country of New Zealand is a popular tourist destination. In recent years, the number of foreigners moving to New Zealand has increased. People from all over the world are making the pilgrimage to start a life in this safe, peaceful, scenic nation.

So, what do you need to know before making the move to New Zealand?

It’s Small

New Zealand is a sparsely populated country, with less than 5 million residents. For reference, there are currently 328 million people living in the United States. It may come as a bit of a shock at first to find yourself in such a small country.

It is also much smaller than the U.S. in terms of landmass. It’s kind of a perk that you can explore all the scenic beauty New Zealand has to offer in a relatively short period of time.

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There are Plentiful Housing Options

Unlike the densely populated U.S., you won’t have an issue finding the perfect home in New Zealand. It’s also likely you’ll find something close to your workplace. Most residents have short commutes.

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The Climate is Temperate

The seasons aren’t as extreme as they are in much of the U.S. Most of the country is coastal, bringing mild temperatures and a healthy mix of rain and shine. With the right clothing, outdoor activities can be enjoyed all year round.

There are Sheep Everywhere

In New Zealand, the sheep far outnumber the people. In fact, there are about 6 sheep for every 1 human in the country.

If you’re planning to make the move to New Zealand, you’d better get used to seeing fluffy white creatures everywhere!

There is a Significant Indigenous Population

In the U.S, indigenous people make up less than 2% of the population. By contrast, New Zealand’s population is 14% indigenous.

The Maori people were the first New Zealanders. Even they arrived relatively recently, only about 700 years ago. Maori translates to “ordinary.” They wanted to make it plain that they were the true residents of New Zealand, as opposed to the Dutch and British settlers that followed.

The Ozone Layer is Thin

Unfortunately, the Ozone layer is thinner over New Zealand than in other parts of the world. This means that UV radiation levels can be dangerous when the sun is shining.

Even if you don’t burn easily, you’ll need to take precautions against sun exposure in New Zealand.

There are Earthquakes

New Zealand sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, where the majority of Earth’s earthquakes occur. There are about 100-150 earthquakes each year that locals feel.

You’re Never Far from a Beach or National Park

You’re never more than about 80 miles away from the ocean in New Zealand, a short distance by car. You’re also never far from a protected National Park, as almost a third of the country’s land is protected and can’t be developed commercially.

NZ Was Way Ahead on Women’s Rights

One unique fact about New Zealand is the government granted women the right to vote in 1893, long before most other countries. Australia didn’t legalize women’s suffrage until almost a decade later in 1902. The U.S. was way behind, not giving women the right to vote until 1919.

If you’re looking to move to a location with a variety of weather and things to do, New Zealand is a perfect spot. Consider doing more research about how to settle down in this country.