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Everything You Need to Know About A Home Warranty


Owning a home is a huge responsibility. Homeownership allows families to spend time together and make precious memories. To keep a home functioning, it’s convenient to have home systems and appliances working correctly. When a home system or appliance fails to work right, daily life can be interrupted. Purchasing a home warranty is a smart way to save money on repairs and replacements.

Home Warranty Basics

A home warranty is a service plan. This plan can be purchased at any time during homeownership. Both buyers and sellers of homes can buy this contract. Homeowners, contractors, and real estate professionals regularly purchase this service plan to protect their investments and stay on budget. Buying this plan provides a person with discounted repair work.

A home warranty also replaces certain appliances or home systems due to normal wear and tear at a reduced rate. Without this plan, a homeowner can spend thousands of dollars in service fees to restore the use of an appliance or home system.

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Benefits of a Home Warranty

Another advantage is being able to stick to a budget. Since homeownership can bring unexpected expenses, having a home warranty in place prevents a financial burden associated with a defective appliance or home system. Home warranties are reasonably priced to fit the budgets of most home warranty buyers.

Purchasing a warranty contract streamlines the service process. Homeowners can simply contact a member of the customer service team to start the procedure. Trained professionals can answer all questions and concerns related to home warranties. A homeowner won’t have to struggle through the task of finding a reputable service provider.

What is Covered

Service warranty contracts cover most appliances and home systems due to normal wear and tear. Deterioration due to normal use under common conditions is covered by this service plan. Agreement limitations apply to any claim. The home systems typically covered include electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, and heating. Most major appliances are covered under home warranties. This includes washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens.

It’s important to remember that certain events are not covered. Cosmetic damage, neglect, and improper use are not covered. In addition, many warranty agreements won’t cover claims associated with lack of maintenance or faulty maintenance. Some malfunctions may not be covered when a homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the claim.

Even though limitations apply in any home warranty policy, comprehensive coverage applies to offer assurance and affordability. Service plans are designed to be convenient and helpful to homeowners.

What May Be Covered

Depending on the specifics of a warranty contract, some items may be covered. Removing and disposing of an old appliance or home system may be covered. A provider may only cover the removal but not the disposal of the items.

Home warranty contracts may also cover building permit costs and correction of building code violations. Since this can be complicated to navigate, a homeowner should talk to a customer service specialist to confirm coverage.

How a Home Warranty Process Works

When a home system or appliance breaks down, the process for fixing it is streamlined with a home warranty. Many home warranty companies allow homeowners to start the process online or by calling a customer service agent.

When a service provider makes a service call, a homeowner will pay a flat-rate service call fee. The rest of the service call is paid for by the home warranty provider. This can be a repair or replacement.

While homeowner’s insurance is necessary, a home warranty contract is just as important. An unexpected malfunction within a home can be a major hassle. It can also take time to get the problem fixed. Luckily, a home warranty is designed to take the worry away from a homeowner.