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Dunkin’ Donuts is Changing Its Name and Fans Aren’t Happy About It (Video)

Dunkin' Donuts
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Dunkin’ Donuts is reportedly dropping donut from their name. Keri Lumm reports.

Dunkin’ Donuts is dropping “Donuts” from its name, and fans aren’t happy about it.

The name change doesn’t come as a surprise — the Massachusetts-based coffee empire began testing the name Dunkin’ at a handful of Massachusetts locations late last year, according to Eater.

The Dunkin’ concept is part of a major rebrand that includes a new store design, drinks like nitro infused cold brew, and digital kiosks to order at. The first Dunkin’ concept was opened at a Quincy,Massachusetts, location. By the end of the year, the new concept will be at 30 locations in Boston and 20 nationwide.

The Dunkin’ concept isn’t necessarily a permanent change — while it will be rolling out to about 50 stores, Dunkin’ Donuts said in a statement that it doesn’t plan to make any decisions regarding the branding until later this year.

Even though the change may not last forever, not everyone is thrilled about it; some fans are confused.

Business Insider, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Aug. 29, 2018

Video by Buzz60/Keri Lumm