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Dim Sung King in Fort Myers: One of Southwest Florida’s Best Kept Secrets

Steamed Dumplings

 Dim Sum King (DSK)

Dim Sum King Fort Myers

Dim Sum King is a new restaurant in Fort Myers serving dim sum and Cantonese dishes. It is located in Gulf Coast Town Center, an outdoor shopping mall in Fort Myers. They have been open since January of 2023.

What is dim sum, you may ask? As far back as 900 CE, travelers and traders in the Southern China city of Canton were served small plates to accompany their tea ordered at tea houses there. Modern dim sum has morphed into a fusion of Cantonese, and other regional Chinese in addition to international cuisines.

The owner of DSK was a dim sum chef in Guangdong (Canton) province for 20 years. There is another DSK location in Bradenton, in addition to four other Florida restaurants branded as Yummy House Bistro.

One thing I really liked after being seated at DSK was their menu, for a couple of reasons.

Dim sum menu

First, the menu items are pictured for those somewhat unfamiliar with dim sum. Additionally, the menu is laminated with plastic, allowing patrons to check off their dining choices with a dry-erase marker before handing it to the server.

I don’t know why, but checking off menu items really got my dining companions and me ready to eat and share (for the most part) what we ordered.

Please keep in mind the following menu items were highlights from two or three visits.

The first thing ordered was Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce, a classic dim sum dish.

Broccoli with oyster sauce

This dish, as with most dim sum, is self-explanatory. It is a must-order to accompany all the following seafood and meats. Don’t forget to ask for a knife!

This was followed with Clams in Black Bean Sauce

Clams in black bean sauce

An order of Honey Glazed BBQ Pork arrived at the table,

Honey-glazed bbq pork

followed by Hometown Style Roasted Duck

Hometown-style roasted duck

I love roast duck. At DSK it is served Cantonese Style. The duck is marinated, dried, roasted then cut into slices as a 1/4 bird portion. Both the pork and duck dishes were perfect for sharing.

Stuffed Chinese Eggplant with Shrimp and stuffed jalapeno with shrimp were round five and six, respectively.

Stuffed Chinese eggplant with shrimp


Stuffed jalapenos with shrimp

Both of these dishes were similar, and both were excellent. I loved the spongy consistency of the ground shrimp here mixed in with oyster sauce, sesame oil, rice wine and green onion. Highly recommended.

We also sampled the Steamed Soup Dumplings (Shanghai style) and the Pork Siu Mai, which are steamed dumplings filled with ground pork and shrimp.

Steamed soup dumplings
Pork siu mai
The soup dumplings were as described, with a taste of soup (literally) in every bite. The siu mai were equally good, two other highly recommended and very shareable menu items.

We also sampled one of their sweet treats, a Macau Portuguese Egg Tart.

Portuguese egg tart

These are made from a pastry crust and are sweet with the egg custard filling caramelized on top. A nice change for either the middle or end of a dim sum meal

One of my dining companions, loving sometimes “offbeat” items, ordered deep-fried taro and turnip cakes, in addition to Chicken Feet.

Steamed chicken feet
Although very well-flavored at DSK, I am really not a big fan of chicken feet. They are mostly cartilage and just not my thing. Not for the unadventurous or faint of heart!

For the most part, the food at DSK is excellent. This is not surprising, as the chef-owner has passed down his skills from working over 20 years in Dum Sum Central, Guangdong province in China. Not only is this food extremely tasty, but is perfect to share with friends and enjoy many flavors and textures peppered with good conversation and camaraderie.

I have had dim sum in the Chinatowns of Manhattan and San Francisco and the food served at DSK is up there with the best of them. I hope you will try DSK. If you do, a second or third visit is most probably in your future.

It’s a wrap for another post on Forks.

Dim Sum King

9990 University Plaza Dr.

Fort Myers, FL 33913


Dim Sum King Website

Open for lunch 11-2:30 PM and 5-9 PM daily except Tuesday (closed); All major credit cards accepted.

Fried turnip cake


Fried taro root


Steamed shrimp dumpling


Hong Kong style sticky rice


This article originally appeared here and was republished with permission.