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Custom Enamel Pins- Unique, Trendy And Fashionable

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What is a custom enamel pin? 

A custom enamel pin is a badge or a pin that can be worn on a piece of clothing.  These pins are small, tiny, yet creative and colorful.

Soft Enamel pins 

Soft enamel pins are economical and cost-effective. If you are looking for a smooth enamel pin, you should go for a free-flowing, soft enamel pin design.

Soft enamel pins come in nickel, copper, misty gold, and different other looks. You can add more colors to the soft enamel pins. If you are looking for a colorful enamel pin, a soft enamel pin is a good choice.

Hard Enamel pins 

Hard enamel pins are made at a high temperature. These are solid pieces that are long-lasting and durable. You can add more detail to your design if you are choosing a hard enamel pin.

Hard enamel pins are crafted by applying multiple layers of paint. Each color is added separately. You have to bake each color individually. This is done until all the colors sit well. Then the pin is polished for a smooth look.

Which one to choose? 

If you are looking for a custom enamel pin for a promotional activity for your brand, you should choose a hard enamel pin. Hard enamel pins are expensive and come with a wow factor. They don’t appear low quality and cheap.

Designing a custom enamel pin 

Designing is the first step of getting a custom enamel pin created. You can sketch your idea on a piece of paper or you can draw it on an application. There are many graphic designing software applications that allow you to create your design.

After deciding on the design, you need to choose what kind of custom enamel pins you want. Whether you want a soft one or a hard one.

Choosing the size of the custom enamel pin also depends on your personal preference. The larger pins can be between 1.25 to 2 inches. Not many people wear 2 inches custom enamel pins.

Colorful Designs 

Custom enamel pins can be made in a variety of colorful designs. You can use different color combinations. Whether you want a multi-colored pin or a rich black pin, the soft enamel pin gives you better colors.

Hard enamel pins involve a more difficult production procedure. Therefore, adding colors to it is quite difficult. You should keep your color choices minimal if you are opting for the hard enamel pin design.


Factors that influence the pricing of custom enamel pin:

The pricing of custom enamel pins varies because of their design, material, and finish. If you want to place a bulk order, it is important to keep the pricing minimal. However, certain factors influence the pricing of the pin:  

  • The number of colors used in the design.
  • The size of your pin.
  • How much quantity you want.
  • How difficult is the design?

Building the initial pin is the most crucial step for the manufacturer of the custom enamel pin. The manufacturers of custom enamel pins give you different options when it comes to the material of the pin. 

Custom enamel pins are of great value for you because they create the brand awareness you desire, you can stand out from the crowd in a sports event. If you are an entrepreneur you can have a trademark custom enamel pin for your brand which becomes your identity. Custom enamel pins increase brand awareness.