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Considering Buying A Roomba? – Opinion

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Because I own an automatic vacuum for a year now, I feel that I can help you with some questions regarding its functioning and how useful it is. I’ll be telling you what I told my friends about it. I also read several vacuum reviews and gathered the answers to questions people have regarding robot vac to help you decide pro or against.

Here’s what you need to know when deciding whether a robotic vacuum is right for you

 -Yes, they do pick up sand, pet hair and human hair and the dust bunnies under the couch and bed.

-You have to make sure everything is picked up off the floor in the room in which automatic vacuum cleanses: don’t leave wires and power cords in its way or socks on the floor. Basically anything you would pick up before you would start vacuuming with a regular vacuum cleaner.

-To get the best cleaning possible from your robot vacuumer, you should clean the brushes regularly. Most of the Roomba models now come with a brush cleaner, but if you don’t, you can order one for less than $5.00, it makes cleaning the brushes a snap.

-Pet hair and human hair do get wrapped around the brush in Roombas. That’s why you have to clean them after each use. It takes two minutes to empty the dirt pan, blow off the air filter, and clean off the brush.

-Yes, these cleaning robots can maneuver around an irregular room and furniture. If we have time, we sometimes move the kitchen chairs to help our Roomba 690.

-If your rooms are all interconnected and very large, you may want to use the virtual wall to section off one room from the other. You might want to purchase the Roomba Discovery model or the Scheduler because they have a max clean button which allows it to run until the battery is drained,  then it will return to the home base and charge for the next use. In the normal clean cycle, it runs until it detects no dirt or the battery loses charge and then returns to the home base.

-New models have slower running speed, which means that they are much gentler if they bang into certain things, like furniture legs. Also, I noticed that they slow down much better when approaching walls.

In my experience, the Roomba proved to be very efficient. I don’t hate vacuuming in general, but I absolutely hate vacuuming every single day! That’s why I love it when somebody or something does that for me. Not to mention that I absolutely love it when my floors are freshly vacuumed.


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