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Casinos Play With The Mind to Keep Gamblers from Leaving

Casinos have been using secret techniques that prevent gamblers from leaving the premises. But gambling is associated with losing, which is bizarre since many bettors seemed to have a hard time quitting.

Apparently, casinos can apply psychological tactics. According to a study by the Journal of Neuroscience, everything you see inside a gambling venue has a reason why it was placed there.

Projecting a Timeless Place

For instance, no clocks nor windows can be seen in the design of the building. The researchers pointed out that clocks and windows are “time-tellers.” By eliminating these things, gamblers will lose their sense of time and keep on playing.

The Sound of Winners

The ambiance of casinos is also a tell that they intend to keep you inside for a long time. Operators can adjust the temperature, air quality, lighting and even sounds. Ever wondered why there are constantly ringing bells inside a casino? That is because the sound is linked to winners, and gambling houses want to make other gamblers think they can be winners too.

Faith Based Events

Alcohol is Equal to More Losses

Another tactic they use is free drinks. Alcohol reduces inhibitions. Thus, intoxicated gamblers tend to make wrong choices and take risks compared to sober ones. In gambling, one wrong decision can cost a lot of money. It would be bad for the player but suitable for a casino.

Confusion Means more Play

Casinos are built like a maze, interconnecting with the different activities. By designing the place like this, it is easy to get lost. The feeling of getting lost easily dissipates because there are casino games left and right.

Perfumes to Attract Players

There have been studies proving that scents can affect behaviors. An experiment was conducted at Harrah’s in Las Vegas, where they sprayed an aroma on specific slot machines. The result showed a 45% increase in the profits of scented machines compared to those unscented.

They Play with Emotions Too

Instead of using cash, casinos prefer chips. Apparently, gambling operators try to control the players’ emotions by implanting in their minds that money should be irrelevant. A study already proved that people who conduct wireless payments tend to spend more, unlike when paying cash.

Reinforcements to Keep Slot Machine Players Playing

Slot machines are designed to take people’s money. To prevent slots from losing players, casino operators use “reinforcements” to condition the mind of gamblers.

Reinforcement is the term used by gambling houses wherein the longer the slots are played, the more a bettor believes their chance of hitting the jackpot will be higher.

However, this is a trap. Casino owners prefer to keep players playing for as long as they want. That way, they can lose more money.

Is Online Casino Better?

Technically, yes. Online casinos have no means of inducing psychological methods to make their services more addictive. Instead, they use marketing strategies and promotions to entice customers to deposit and play on their site.

There are many reasons why people gamble, but mostly, they are there to win money. Regardless, not every casino wants to ruin their customers’ lives. Some support responsible gambling, like PAGCOR-accredited sportsbook and casino OKBET