Broward Politics: Blacks Lag In Absentee Ballots, While Seniors Dominate

The crystal balls being used to predict the August 18th primary are cloudy.

The latest absentee ballot requests for Democrats indicate that Blacks will not totally dominated the upcoming primary, as many political consultants believe.

Blacks definitely have the numbers as the largest single ethnic bloc of registered voters in the Democratic Party. But registering isn’t voting.

So far only roughly 29 percent of the requests are from Black voters. That compares with roughly 48 percent of the ballot requests from Whites. Hispanics and other ethnic groups such as Native Americans trail. (See the chart below for the actual numbers as of July 8.)

The absentee ballot requests illustrates a sad fact that Blacks have dealt with for years:

Too few Blacks vote. Black voters traditionally vote in smaller number than Whites.

By Buddy Nevins,, excerpt posted on, July 10, 2020