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Broward GOP: Eleven Years Of Losing Voters

65By Buddy Nevins, BrowardBeat.com – Cuban-Amercans moving into Broward from Miami were supposed to be the salvation of the local GOP.

Forget it!

A backlash against Barack Obama was predicted to pump up Republican registration.

Never happened!

Entrepreneurs including wealthy Jews, Caribbean blacks and Latin business types were expected to register Republican in big numbers.

Didn’t help!

Republicans have spent the last decade losing strength in Broward.

The total number of voters in Broward has climbed over 221,000 since February 2002.

In the same period, Republicans have lost roughly 15,000 voters.


Note:  The opinions expressed by Buddy Nevins are strictly his own.  Nevins has been a South Florida journalist for over 40 years.  His columns appeared in the Fort Lauderdale News and then the Sun-Sentinel.  Nevins now writes for his own website, www.browardbeat.com. 

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