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Broward Commissioners Snub Jamaican American, Republican Colleagues

Dale Holness (right) and Alcee Hastings

Commissioner Tim Ryan would have us believe that his Broward County Commission colleagues are so unified that they should be holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

Here is what Ryan said Tuesday’s meeting:

“When we talk about what’s happened so frequently in Washington and the disfunction where Democrats and Republicans can’t get along, I think we see a different type of mindset here on the Broward County Commission.”

Then here is what Ryan’s all-Democratic colleagues did Tuesday:

  • They blackballed their colleague Commissioner Chip LaMarca once again, refusing to give him the ceremonial titles of mayor or vice mayor simply because he is Republican.
  • They rejected Commissioner Dale Holness once again for the ceremonial vice mayor’s post simply because they don’t like him.

LaMarca and Holness should have been named because of their tenure alone. Both were first elected in 2010.

Outgoing Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief was also elected in 2010.

And Ryan, another former mayor, was first elected in 2012.

By Buddy Nevins, BrowardBeat.com, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Dec. 1, 2017

Buddy Nevins has been a South Florida journalist for over 40 years. His columns appeared in the Fort Lauderdale News and then the Sun-Sentinel. Nevins now writes for his own website, www.browardbeat.com. The opinions expressed by Buddy Nevins are strictly his own and not those of the SouthFloridaReporter.