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Bedroom Sets to Define Your Lifestyle


Whether you have just found your dream home or are looking to redecorate your current space, designing the bedroom with new bedroom sets at discount prices can be a source of fun and frustration.

While the thought of putting a room together that maximizes your comfort is exciting, finding the right style can leave you in a state of confusion. With all of the choices on the market, where should you start?

Let’s begin with who will use the room. Are you designing for guests or yourself? Is it a child’s room or an elderly family member’s? All of these instances have different considerations to take into account when choosing furniture.

Designing for yourself means you can get very personal and intimate with the space. If you watch television in your room, you want to be clear on how you view TV. Will it be from bed, or would you prefer an accent chair? What is the best position for the TV stand?

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What about your guests? Does it make sense to place two twin beds in the room or one full or queen-sized bed? Are your guests coupled or single friends? If two of your college roommates come to stay, they will be more comfortable with separate beds.

Storage is an important aspect of a child’s room. If they are young, they’ll need somewhere to store their toys and, if there’s room, a table for arts and crafts. Teenagers may want a space for their gaming station or vanity to experiment with makeup.

Elderly family members may require motorized furniture, like recliners or adjustable bases for their beds, to easily get in and out of the pieces. Determining who the room is for will guide you to the furniture that functions best with their lifestyle.

Next, it’s time to choose a style. Living in sunny South Florida, a casual, breezy, beachy style best complements the environment. Finding natural materials and colors inspired by the ocean can give the room a coastal feel. The soft colors of the sand, sky, and water provide a palette of blues, greens, and neutrals to fill the space. If you want to add bold citrus colors such as orange or lime-green or corals, you can make the room pop.

South Florida homes are usually built with many windows that allow an abundance of natural light to flow. The sunlight works great with natural fibers like wicker and rattan, giving the space an airy, outdoorsy feel.

Other materials that work well with light are glass and mirrors. When natural light reflects off the glass, it brings sparkle to the room, adding more of a coastal element. Mirrors, when placed correctly, open up the space and add a shine to the space once the sun hits.

Now that you know who the room is for and what style and colors to use, it’s time to start shopping. The space’s centerpiece is the bed, and it determines what other pieces will go in the room. Do you need a storage bed to compensate for the lack of closet space, or will a regular frame be enough? What about the height? Will something lower help you get out of bed without difficulty?

How much storage will your room allow? If you need space for comforters, a storage bench may do the trick, or you may need something bigger like an armoire. Dressers can also get the job done, so figure out how many you need.

If you don’t require much drawer space, a tall dresser will do the trick. But, if more space is needed, a regular dresser with wider drawers would be a better choice.

Each piece has unique features to fit the function you need to fill. For example, if you need to complete work on your laptop, you can find a bed frame or nightstand with USB charging. No matter what you’re looking for, 1Stop Bedrooms is the only site you need to visit.

With up to 75% off select sets, you may wonder if the savings are real. They are, and it’s because 1Stop deals directly with the manufacturer. Cutting out the middlemen eliminates all of the extra costs and fees involved with getting the furniture to you. The expensive overhead costs that national retailers pass on to consumers do not exist here. 1StopBedrooms offers free shipping, up to thirty-six months of financing, and the expert designers are waiting to answer your questions and help you find the pieces that define your lifestyle.