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Barbie Is 2 Years Older Than Ken

Ken Day
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”Oh, I’m having so much fun! 
Well Barbie, we are just getting started
Oh, I love you, Ken”
– Aqua – Barbie Girl

If you’re a Barbie Girl, you know that one of the most enchanting men on Earth is Ken Carson, the dream boat that occupies Barbie’s every waking thought. He came along a long time ago and has supported her in every iteration, following her as she progressed from 50’s housewife to the savvy self-sufficient businesswoman that is her current incarnation. Ken Day gives Ken Carson his due, as we spend some time recognizing his contribution and importance to Barbie and her Barbie World!

History of Ken Day
Ken Day celebrates the occasion in 1961 when Barbie’s long-term on-off boyfriend, Ken Carson, first appeared on the scene, exhibited by his makers Mattel at a toy fair. In spite of some unfair comments about his manliness, and the rather more likely suggestions that he cared more about his clothes than his love life, the romance blossomed. The couple had a brief separation in the 1960’s, but then stayed together until 2004. Then, in a move that shocked the world of plastic celebrities, Barbie announced their break-up and transferred her affections to Blaine Gordon, an Australian surfing dude.

Ken hadn’t given up though, and in 2011 made some much-publicized attempts to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary by winning her back. We know that in the end, Ken will definitely win her back, after all, he’s the very love of her life how could she possibly resist! Sure it’s been a rocky road, but every relationship has it’s struggles!

  • His full name is Ken Carson
  • Ken is named after the son of Mattel founders Ruth and Elliott Handler
  • Ken is a Pisces — his “official birthday” is March 11, 1961
  • Ken is two years and two days younger than Barbie
  • Ken is from (fictional) Willows, Wisconsin
  • Ken stands 12” tall, 1⁄2” taller than Barbie
  • In 1961, a Ken doll sold for $3.50
  • The first Ken doll wore red swim trunks, sported cork sandals and carried a yellow towel
  • In 1961, two versions of Ken doll were launched with “molded” plastic hair — blond and brunette
  • In 1973, Ken debuted a new “real” rooted hairstyle
  • Ken has a younger brother, Tommy
  • Ken’s best friend is Alan, the husband of Midge
  • Ken met Barbie on the set of their first television commercial together in 1961
  • Barbie and Ken broke up on Valentine’s Day in 2004
  • Ken received a makeover by celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch in 2006
  • In Summer 2010, Ken made his big screen debut in Toy Story 3, which included more than 50 costume changes
  • Ken and Barbie rekindled their epic romance on Valentine’s Day, 2011 and are still a couple today


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