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Auto Body Shops Fight to Win Business Back as Florida Reopens

Over the past few months, the COVID-19  pandemic has changed the socio-economic landscape in the US. Since the beginning, state and federal guidelines instated safety measures that pushed workplace safety. As a result of the COVID-19 safety guidelines, most businesses had to close and rely on assistance provided by the government or their insurance.

That wasn’t enough to keep most companies afloat. Furthermore, the CDC did not offer guidelines related to services such as auto A/C electrical repair, A/C recharge for cars, or auto A/C compressor replacement in Florida. The lack of safety guidelines made it even more difficult for auto body shops to keep providing services to the general public – and to continue to survive as Florida begins reopening.

How Auto Body Shops were Impacted by Coronavirus in Florida

Like many other service providers, auto body shops and auto air-conditioning repair specialists have struggled to keep their business open and keep a steady cash flow to support them. Many shops have been forced to reduce costs through furloughs, work shift reductions, and layoffs. Taking these measures can have a dual effect on a business. On one side, it allows them to cut costs and keep their businesses alive. On the other hand, it can adversely affect the business as they begin to reopen.

The fact some states, like Florida, are starting to reopen businesses and relax rules may be a good sign that these businesses will be able to have customers come back in and get the services they need. Some vehicle repairs are necessary, an essential business that Floridians need to keep operating. Especially with hot summer weather now arriving, things like commercial fleet air conditioning repair services need to get done.

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However, it is critical to understand reopening doesn’t necessarily translate to stability. As more body shops fight to win their business back in Florida, business owners must make sure they take a gradual step towards a full recovery. It is essential to recognize that getting back to business as it was before the pandemic may take a long time, which means implementing more measures to keep customers coming back in the door.

How Body Shops and Auto Repair Centers Are Implementing Strategies to Win Back their Businesses in Florida

Florida’s governor, along with the state’s reopening task force, has established a series of phases to gradually reopen the state. During the initial phase, all non-essential businesses were closed, gatherings were banned, and social distancing rules were implemented. As coronavirus cases began to decrease, the state entered into phase 1. During this time, a gathering of no more than ten people were allowed, businesses such as bars remained closed, and restaurants and other food services could open but only fifty percent. These rules applied to most non-essential businesses. Phases two and three would implement more relaxed rules allowing businesses to operate without as many restrictions as before.

As of right now, the state of Florida is on phase two of its three-phase plan. This means business owners can start operating with more relaxed rules. This does not mean we are out of the woods. It means the state is to a point where cases have decreased, and it’s “safer” for business owners to provide their services.

Auto body shops in Florida have been forced to look for ways to offer their services while avoiding the risk of infection. For instance, most auto body shops are implementing safety measures such as using face masks, following social distancing rules, scheduling appointments online, and using gloves while providing their services. Furthermore, most of the businesses are also taking safety measures regarding workplace cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing. Auto body shop workers will do their best to avoid direct contact with the vehicle’s interior and minimize interactions with their customers.

These are examples of measures that are being taken in response to the coronavirus outbreak. However, this does not mean they will be the only measures implemented to keep customers sage. As new guidelines emerge, auto body shops in Florida may keep implementing whatever safety measures are required.