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Are Online Casinos legal or illegal in the US?

First and foremost, people can legally gamble in online casinos in the USA. Laws governing gambling are always changing on various states but what you should have in mind is that gamblers will not be held liable for making online bets.

The Legal Gambling States in the US

Something that many people in the United States want to know is whether online gambling activities are legal in their jurisdictions or whether it is illegal. On the contrary,  the misinterpretation comes from a poor understanding of some laws such as the Act of Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement 2006.

This Act has some provisions that have to deal with the Wire Transfers, with the components stating that no one or company should knowingly receive funds from an individual participating in any illegal online gambling. However, this doesn’t mean a person can’t send their money since the main word is that recipients should not accept the funds.

There are certain laws made pertaining to online gambling and one of them is an additional part of Legislation to the SAFE Port Act. This Act was a very important piece of legislation and this is because it passed the Senate and the House of Representatives.

This is the reason as to why Payment Processing companies are used as channels for money transfers from online betting sites and casinos. Many online casino operators like CasinoSecret Japan live and operate outside the United States due to the laws in this area.

Such a law creates the need for Payment Processing companies since a player can’t simply put their Credit Card information on any online casino they choose. This is something that is always misinterpreted by so many people. They tend to understand the law as gambling is illegal for players and it is illegal for players to transfer any funds to casinos that operate outside the United States.

An important thing to do, is if a player doesn’t feel comfortable with playing online casino games and they are not is a state that has legalized gambling they should research their municipal or county rules in order to check if there is any probation against such activities.Online gambling laws vary in different states in the US with some of them declaring such activities illegal and others have legalized it.

Some other states are still in the process of legalizing online gambling activities. However, it is not every gambling activity that is completely legal, even since there are some states that have more regulated industries. For example, in New Jersey, the only legal gambling activity is Poker while in New Jersey they only offer poker rooms and various casino games since the state has licensed online casinos.

Sports Betting is also part of gambling and it had been illegal under federal law. However, sports betting was legalized in May 2018, after the United States Supreme Court had the ban lifted.

Online Gambling in the US

Many US citizens still wonder whether online casinos are legal in the US and this is because the United States is a collaged work of federal, state and many local gambling laws. Whether online casinos are legal or illegal depends on where you live and at the moment, some states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New Hampshire have some concerns about the legality of online casinos, lottery sites and poker rooms.

States with Legal Online Casinos

As mentioned earlier, the legality of online gambling depends on the area where you live and states like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware already offer legal USA online gambling. Players won’t be prosecuted for placing bets at an offshore online casino and you can’t run an online casino in the United States.

JPMorgan Chase believes that by 2025 as many as 20 US states will allow legal online gambling. The US has very strict laws but the ones related to gambling might be legalized soon meaning more players will be able to access legal online casinos in their countries. For each state and jurisdiction in the US, there are different requirements but most casinos have a minimum age requirement of 18 and above.

Registration and Playing on Online Casinos

Players have the option of registering on one online casino but they can as well register on multiple casinos and betting sites. Since players are always looking for bonuses and prizes, that’s why they register on dozens of online casinos.

It is possible to play casino games for free in the US as long as you create an account, download the casino’s software, and start playing instantly. Playing at online casinos that are legal you should be assured that the games are safe and fair. It is very important that players find a safe and fair online casino.

Here are some of the top best casinos in the US:

• Bovada-it has a great offering of table games, sports betting, live dealers, poker and roulette. With a wide range of payment methods.
• Café Casino-it features a great Welcome Bonus and other bonuses to loyal customers. The casino games are available in instant play mode.
• BetOnline-this casino offers online slots, eSports, live betting, poker and a welcome bonus of $1000
• Planet7-the casino has a plethora of games, fast payouts using the most popular methods including Bitcoin, free spins, progressive bonuses, VIP promos, and great customer service.
• Slots. Iv-this is a casino that offers players a choice between $1,000, a 200% welcome bonus and a 300% Bitcoin bonus. They also offer slots tournaments, live dealer games and table games.

The choice of whether you would like to gamble online is up to you. It is highly advisable that you avoid it in a state where online gambling is illegal and it is a felony. Despite the fact that the number of US citizens who have been prosecuted is zero you should keep off from illegal online casinos.

Since many states have gambling regulations and laws on their books the prohibition of online casino games can turn into a serious felony.


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