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A Comprehensive Review of V Street Food Trucks In Florida

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Based in Miami, Florida, V Street Food focuses on designing, manufacturing and selling custom catering trailers and food trucks for both local and international clients. As part of the Reward Catering Group, the company helps others build their own businesses by harnessing the power of food on the move.

If you are on the market for custom corporate branded mobile kitchens, prosecco bars, food trucks, pizza trucks, catering trailers, gin bars, mobile cocktail bars and coffee trailers, V Street Food trucks have you covered. Their vintage-style vehicle or trailers are built with the best materials available.

Continue reading below to find out more about V Street Food trucks in Florida.

V Street Food has the knowledge, expertise and experience required to design and build top-quality food trucks and trailers from start to finish. At the end of it all, you can be sure of receiving a trailer that perfectly matches your preferences and requirements.

With the booming food truck business, any entrepreneur looking to enter the market will want to put their best foot forward. To help clients realize their dreams and vision, the company works closely with you throughout the design and manufacturing process. 

American Airstream Catering Trailer 

An attention-grabbing design, the American Airstream catering trailer is an iconic food trailer that features an all-chrome finish. Said to be a level above all other competing options on the market, according to the manufacturer, this product comes at an unbeatable price given its level of quality, construction and unique design. This food trailer will definitely set you apart from the competition thanks to its unique design, which extends to the facilities and equipment featured inside.

H Van Food Truck

For those looking for character and charm, V Street Food offers the Citroen H Van Food Truck. Designed to perfectly fit the unique needs and style of the coffee business, this food truck is based on a well-thought-out design.

A popular product over the last few years, the H Van Food Truck is custom built to ensure that it perfectly matches your specific requirements. Just like the above-described food trailer, this food truck is built with an unrivaled level of attention to detail. 


This manufacturer prides itself on producing products that can match the requirements of users. To begin with, all trucks and trailers are built with high-quality materials that will stand up well to many years of use. Function, safety and hygiene are all at the center of building every aspect of their products. 


Different food truck business owners want to prepare different types of meals on their food trucks. With that in mind, V Street Food focuses on designing and producing custom food trucks and trailers. This means that clients can share their requirements with the manufacturer and ensure that their truck is designed to facilitate the easy and proper preparation of any meal they intend to prepare.


To build a successful food truck business in this day and age, you need a lot more than a truck designed to make it possible for you to prepare food. You need the latest technology to capture the attention of customers and also facilitate the smooth running of your business. All V Street Food trucks come with the latest technology, including POS Systems, WiFi and LED lights among others.



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