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7 Major Benefits of Smart Card Gym Access

As leisure preferences change, and technology develops, gyms are increasingly optimizing their offerings to provide the best experience for customers. Gone are the days when a gym was open between the hours of 9 and 5 and was paid for by the session. Now, gyms are open 24/7 and provide convenience, efficiency and payment savings, and fun for customers. Smart card technology is enabling these benefits – read on to find out more.

  1. Provide Access 24/7

If you are offering a gym that suits the needs of all people, whether they work the night shift or like to go to the gym in the early morning, you need it to be open 24/7. But you don’t want to pay night staff to sit in reception. A smart card entry system with a smart card reader allows access to the gym at any time.

  1. Create Specific Access Profiles for Users

Depending on their membership level, users will have access to different parts of the gym or its related facilities, at different times. Smart card access enables people to use the areas they have paid for and will also alert gym staff to any attempted access to other areas. Smart cards are a good way to ensure that gyms are secure while remaining hassle-free for customers to use.

  1. Integrate Smart Cards into Fitness Regimes

Smart cards can be used to store data about time spent in the gym, calories used, activities taken, and other information. This information can be automatically uploaded to the card as the user spends time in the gym and logs onto various pieces of equipment or takes classes. Reports and summaries provide users with a good record of how they are progressing with their fitness goals. Information can also be used to personalize the gym experience for users by providing special offers or discounts relating to gym users’ interests.

  1. Gain Valuable Customer Information

Smart cards can also record information on general customer trends, such as which pieces of equipment are most popular or which classes are full on which days. This feeds into general market research which will enable the gym to provide a tailored service to its clients.

  1. Control Car Parking

Smart cards can also be used to allow access for gym members to car parking facilities and can control the length of stay and manage payments for car parking.

  1. Provide Additional Security

Alert staff to problem issues on members’ accounts, such as late payments, with the information stored on smart cards. This provides an additional layer of security that can help staff manage guest access and also provide guidance to users if there is a potential problem on their account.

  1. Use Smart Cards as Locker Keys

Make it easier for guests to use the gym without having to worry about cash for lockers. Smart cards can be used to gain access to lockers. The system can also automatically block lockers at particular times. If a guest loses a card, it can quickly and easily be replaced, removing the hassle of lost or stolen locker keys.


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