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Ilene Lieberman Reenters Public Life

Ilene Lieberman (Ileneliebermanforjudge.com)
Ilene Lieberman (Ileneliebermanforjudge.com)

By Buddy Nevins, BrowardBeat.com – Does former County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman miss the limelight?

She was termed limited off the commission in November shortly after losing an election for judge.

Did you notice that she was back in the news last week? I did.

She was arguing that flawed procedures were used in counting the final votes in the Sunrise city election.

Lieberman’s public question about the Sunrise recount – she was quoted in the newspaper – follows her recent appearance at a Tamarac City Commission meeting. She complained about the tenor of the debate surrounding the recall of a Tamarac commissioner, comments which also generated media attention.


Why is Lieberman reemerging?

Like most questions in politics, there is no shortage of people with speculative answers.


Note:  The opinions expressed by Buddy Nevins are strictly his own.  Nevins has been a South Florida journalist for over 40 years.  His columns appeared in the Fort Lauderdale News and then the Sun-Sentinel.  Nevins now writes for his own website, www.browardbeat.com.