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5 Unique Benefits of Using Resume Writing Services

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The job hunt can be utterly exhausting and seem futile, especially in a post-pandemic job market. How can one person stand out from hundreds of other resumes competing for the same job?

This is when hiring a top-notch resume writing service may save you time, money, and stress. These professionals have experience getting their clients employed in their dream jobs simply by the presentation of information on a piece of paper.

Still not sure if you need to hire a resume writer? Read on to learn about the five benefits of using a resume writing service.

The Magic Of Transferable Skills

Knowing how to reframe a skill or job duty to fit into the specific position’s roles you are applying for is essential in proving that you would be a great fit for

A quality resume writer would be able to spin and phrase to sound professional and enticing to recruiters.

If you have experience as a waiter, describing a job duty as “Greeted customers and took them to a table while taking care of other tables” would not present well on a resume. A professionally written resume may instead say, “Ensured customer satisfaction and maintained positive experience for every guest while managing detailed orders for up to 10 tables in a fast-paced environment.”

See the difference? Now, a hiring manager can see that the applicant is detail-oriented, provides excellent customer service, and has the ability to multitask, all in one line of text.

Writing About Yourself Can Be Hard

Mastering the humble brag can take lots of time and practice. On a resume, you present your skills and experience in the best light possible while not over embellishing. Resume writing services will be able to draw out the most valuable information from your experience.

Listing any awards, significant projects, accomplishments, or the results of your work is a great way to show potential future employers why you are an excellent candidate who can exceed expectations and perform well.

Stepping outside your comfort zone and describing yourself objectively is often tricky. By filling out an extensive form of information, a resume writing service will be able to do the uncomfortable task for you.

Eloquent Verbiage May Not Be Your Strong Suit

Writing a resume requires s specific tone and style of writing. Using descriptive language with several verbs and adjectives in every sentence can get repetitive and can become difficult to communicate effectively.

Even if the role you are applying to requires no writing as a deliverable, employers will expect you to be able to write in a professional tone and communicate effectively. A professional resume writer can paint a picture of your skills and experience with the words they carefully select to impress the recruiter or hiring manager that will read your resume.

You May Be Able To Actually Beat The Filters In The ATS

One of the most challenging obstacles to overcome in the job hunt is optimizing your resume for the applicant tracking system, or ATS. While an applicant tracking system is fantastic for an employer’s HR department, applicants have reason to be wary.

When there are a large number of resumes for a particular job, the ATS can filter for several things, including keywords. If a resume is missing a word filtered for, their resume may never even be seen by human eyes.

Resume writing services will be well versed in increasing a resume’s chances of getting seen by being strategic in the wording in every part of the resume, from job titles, hard skills, formatting, and headings. Hopefully, their techniques will get your resume to the very top of the list by working with the algorithm.

You Can Avoid The Cookie-cutter Templates

Resume formatting is essential in order to be able to pass into the applicant tracking system correctly and to appear professional and organized.

While resume templates found online are a great place to start formatting and organizing, there are many ways to showcase your personality, skills, creativity, and talent in your resume.

All creative industries especially may appreciate an aesthetically pleasing resume instead of a plain black and white paper with paragraph after paragraph or standard resume template. These industries may include graphic design, dance, film, acting, food, photography, and more.

While hiring a resume writing service may not always be necessary, the benefits may be well worth the extra expense if it means saving you time, a potential headache, and getting you your dream job.