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5 Tips to Plan a Garden Wedding


Exotic wedding locations, magnificent castles, romantic islands, and lovely sandy beaches are so common nowadays if you want something unique and simple – a garden wedding is something to consider.

On top of it, you do not have to spend a lavish amount of money just for saying- “I Do.” Simply embrace the feeling of tying the knot in your backyard or front lawn with the vibes of nature around. Does planning feel a little overwhelming?

Here are a few tips to slay everyone with impressive planning.

  1. Watch the Weather

Choosing the correct season for your garden wedding is like sowing the seeds of a plant, RIGHT. Mother Nature is something we do not have control over – but choosing the right venue, time, and season is incredibly vital! Avoid months having a higher probability of rains like- March to October.

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  1. Plan Decoration Well

Decoration in a garden is all about leaving the luxury and going for organic. Garden weddings usually have some neutral color tones like white, grey, pastel blues, and light yellow. Having decided on a color theme for wedding sorts half of your work, brainstorm the color tone of the flowers, chairs, and decorative items. These are little details you can use to put on a nice decoration altogether.

  1. Rethink about Dressing

The white gown is commonly worn at a wedding. But you don’t have to limit yourself on choices. There are vibrant colors and designs to experiment with. There is an outrageous number of astonishing and splendid outfits you can wear to look fantastic

Garden weddings are simple and inspired by nature. Even if you choose an average outfit, it would still look fascinating and attractive to everyone to be admired. Wearing those dresses feels far more magical a dream you live in reality rather than the ones you have in your head.

To glam up things, a nice ring for your partner would make things even. If you want a most popular trending ring, Moissanite rings are worth giving a shot. At the end of the day – looking outstanding would be fairly easy.

  1. Be Mindful About Ceremonies, Guests, and Challenges

You might book the best venue but uninvited guests like bees, ants, and mosquitoes can make or break any garden wedding. Mosquito repellent sprays and bug sprays usage can prevent such instances but you need to be proactive. Having elegant decor and perfect spatial planning can make things exciting and fun for everyone. Also, make sure your venue has a good connectivity option, even if it is in the middle of a beach.

  1. Always have a Plan-B 

Stay prepared with extra tents, lamps, and heaters in case of heavy wind or rain where you need to have a PLAN-B in place. You never know what is in store for you at the red event. You are the center of attraction as well as light for the whole event. Make sure you and the event shine in a stellar way.

It is easier to think of and plan a dream wedding, but, choosing a garden wedding is taking the offbeat road.