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5 Tips to Make Your Trade Show Booth Look Awesome

Trade shows are still a great place to market your business, but just setting up a booth with boring table throws and trade show backdrops don’t cut the mustard anymore.

People’s attention span is shrinking, while at the same time more booths are vying for their attention. To stand out in the crowd, you need to make your trade show booth designs unique, thoughtful and cohesive suggests an expert designer at Trade Show Display, a leading banner printing service provider for Fabric Pop up Banners in New York.

But here’s the good news! Building an attention-grabbing booth doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

1. Make your message clear

Before you start designing your booth, identify your target audience. If you could share only one message with them, what would it be? You may highlight a different message at different trade shows, but never try to share them all at once.

Faith Based Events

Make your message clear and focused, and most importantly use the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) principle to grab the attention of your audience. Remember, your prospects care less about your products/services and more about what’s in it for them.

2. Know your focal point

Larger booths may have multiple focal points, but typically the back wall of your trade show booth attracts the most eyeballs. Use this space to showcase your company logo, marketing message and important graphic elements.

3. Use a maximum of three colors

You want your booth to look colorful. But your key message can get lost in too many colors. That’s exactly why you should limit the number of colors in your booth to three. What colors you choose is also important. Ideally, mix and match cooler colors like green and blue with the warmer tones, such as orange and red.

4. Make your text easily viewable

never use multiple font types in your text. When it comes to choosing the font size, consider the distance between the text and viewers. For instance, if you viewers read the text from 5 feet distance, one thumb rule says you should keep the font size at 5 inches.

5. Use high-quality images

Just because an image looks great on your smartphone doesn’t mean you can use it in your New York trade show display. In most cases, an image is blown up to match the larger size of trade show displays. If you use a low-resolution image, the result could be a stretched, pixelated photo. So always consider hiring a professional designer to ensure proper formatting and resolution for your images.

Also, make sure you display your branding cohesively across all elements of your trade show design – from banners and posters to signs and freebies.

Remember, consistency is the key.