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5 Customer Contact Channels and Their Key Benefits


Communication between you and your customers is essential to your company. A worthwhile interaction equals a strong bond that helps boost satisfaction and enhance their experience with your brand. You can establish good communication with your audience by managing your customer support channels to become faster, more accessible, and more informative. 

Take live chat support services, for instance. When paired with your client assistance platforms, it maximizes the power of consistent and instant response in assuring customers and establishing a trustworthy image for your business.

Shoppers no longer visit stores physically to ask for extra information about the services or wait in line to have their concerns resolved. Now, they rely on the internet or their smartphones. It is for this reason that you need to explore practical and time-saving alternatives that help make your support services more accessible.

Since there are several customer contact channels to choose from, it’s important to offer your customers as many customer channels as possible to ensure they can contact you through a channel that they find most convenient to use.   

Chat channels

The use of chat channels has become an extremely common form of keeping in touch for young consumers in particular. It is more personal and it also delivers fast customer service. Example of these are:

  • Live web chat

Human-powered live chat is an increasingly common communication platform for younger audiences because it immediately offers deep and personalized answers to their questions. Since it enables a 24-hour communication channel, businesses can guarantee that end-users obtain help and support at any moment and from any location.

  • Chatbots

Used as a customer communication platform, automated chatbots are increasing in popularity. They offer a practical alternative to human-powered assistance since they can address several queries all at once. Specifically, chatbots are ideal for sending canned messages for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). They are available 24/7, and provide instant answers to clients.

Social media

Social media is one of the limited and publicly accessible consumer communication channels in the market today. It means that messages are not always private. It is also known as a highly versatile tool for brands because they can maximize its advantages into a tool for marketing their services and reaching out to their target audiences.

  • Messenger Apps

Apps used for instant or real-time online messaging are fast and convenient messaging platforms. Some examples include Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. These platforms are excellent for generating data on the volume of messages that have been addressed and resolved.

Written Channels

Written customer contact channels such as email, post and web forms, are the most traditional yet also the most efficient methods a customer can use to get in touch with companies.

  • Email

Electronic mail (Email) is among the better choices for structured communication when an immediate answer isn’t usually needed. It is both a flexible and useful contact platform around an organization’s consumer base to distribute information and news relevant to the products and services.

  • Post

In truth, a post is not that popular among users. One of the reasons behind this is the drastic shift of businesses towards paperless contracts and agreements. Although it is still being used, only a limited number of It is often used nowadays for bills or invoices, or simply to remind clients of changes made to their accounts or services. A big benefit is it can be one of the most personal communication networks regardless if the letter is handwritten or not.

Voice channels

Voice customer contact channels, such as traditional phone calls and web calls are perfect for urgent inquiries. 

  • Traditional Phone Call

A telephone-based contact center is one of the most common choices for customer services teams.

  • Web calling

This is a great way to offer customers over-the-phone conversation without the need to leave your website. 

Face-to-Face channels

The best way to provide personalized customer support is via face-to-face contact channels. They are good for working with complicated questions and bringing clients items by trying to bring the in-store online experience.

  • Video chat

Over the years, video chat has emerged as a very valuable customer communication channel. It is favored by today’s generation and it is quite effective when you need to demonstrate certain aspects of your products or services.

  • In-store appointments

Nothing beats speaking to your customers about the pros that your business offers to them in person. The future of consumer contact lies in a multi-channel strategy. 

To deliver the best online services to your consumer customer experience and customer service, you need to sync up different contact channels so customers can jump from one to the other when needed.

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