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5 Construction Technology Trends for 2023


It is critically important to stay digital-friendly and innovation-driven if you are a businessperson. The present-day is totally ever-changing. The construction sector is not an exception to the rules. There are many hot-topic trends to take into consideration.

Many of today’s contractors have already switched to the more progressive technologies like construction cost estimating software by Conwize instead of manual estimates, inaccurate forecasts and calculations. Additionally, most building companies will benefit from robotics, BIM systems, AI solutions, and wearables.

Top 5 Trends That Will Rule the Construction Sector in 2023

It is difficult to mention all the on-trend approaches and solutions. Take a closer look at the five best ways to optimize your workflows and on-sit operations through innovative technologies.

  1. Building Information Modeling

This is a popular procedure for creating a virtual visualization background of the physical points in the context of a building. This kind of modeling may bring better interaction during the construction process of projects.

This trend provides a proper understanding of future tasks and details. BIM systems make possible various models for residential and commercial premises (in any dimensions – 3D, 4D, 5D, and even 6D). This trending technology is a real tool that creates a digital variation of construction using such up-to-date useful in the building industry features as drones, for example.

  1. Construction Cost Estimating Software

Estimates provide a realistic vision of any construction project. Estimating programs and costing, bidding, or tendering digital tools save time and resources and help to get better productivity and profit as a result. A traditional way to handle manual estimates means using paper copies and simple human-driven calculations.

One of the benefits of estimating software usage is that there is the ability to send data directly to customers. Moreover, when a project bid looks properly, quality, and thorough, customers may be more interested in signing on.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Building projects contain a great quantity of information that requires AI solutions (the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines) for faster and more accurate data entry processing. Some details gathered during the months of projects may be used to strengthen machine learning and foretell upcoming project results. AI is connected with building robots and drones which are used to observe work progress and help to improve job site productivity.

  1. Wearables

Wearables are things necessary for builders such as:

  • hard hats
  • safety vests
  • other add-ons for the site

New digital-friendly models of this garment usually have special biometrics sensors and trackers. It is required to observe employees’ movements, posture and dangerous moments such as injuries or falls.

All these specialized gloves, vests, or boots also have sensors to monitor heart rate and body temperature. Safety is the most essential thing in the building process. That is why modern wearables are here to protect humans on the site even better than before.

  1. Robots and Drones

Robots and drones never replace workers. They just help and accomplish people’s work. Using robotics and drones has many advantages for the construction process as a whole and the safety of the workers particularly.

Drones are ideal for building material delivery so that workers may save time and funds. These modern machines can also inspect the progress of the works and check if everything is good. They may detect potential challenges.

It is possible to perform many on-site tasks without human resources. The remote control available for most robots and drones in the construction industry allows workers to monitor and change the direction of the on-site devices. The human-free operational mode due to modern robots is a safe building environment with almost zero possibility of injuries and other dangerous situations.