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5 Bad Foods That Are Actually Good For Your Body


You’ll hear all the time that you should eat certain foods. At one time, fat was the demon of all food groups, and then the focus turned to carbs. Now the focus is on how sugar is making us fat. There are low-sugar, low-carb, low-fat, high-protein, high-fiber, and many other types of diets. It’s often hard to stay on track with the food that you should and shouldn’t be eating, right?

You can decide to follow your own beliefs on food. You’ll do your research, but you still come up with the idea that certain foods are bad for you. The peanut butter and jam aisles are completely avoided, and you walk past the cereals with caution. After all, you don’t want to do your health any damage with your food choices.

What you may not realize is certain foods that come across as being bad are full of goodness for your body. You can do yourself more harm by completely avoiding them! You need to add in food in moderation to make sure you put your health first. Anything you consume should be done in moderation to create a healthy and balanced diet.

Why Do We Struggle with “Bad” and “Good” Food?

Back in the 70s, your parents and grandparents would have eaten anything they wanted. They had a variety of ingredients at their disposal and would have found creative ways to use them. Meat and two veg was still a focal point, but pastries, pasta, potatoes, and many other foods that are now considered bad for you were eaten.

Then came the research. Scientists learned that eggs were full of cholesterol and that fat clogged up the arteries. After that, researchers learned about the eggs and fats in more detail. They learned that some could be good, and others would be bad. They learned that not every calorie was made the same.

Suddenly finding your way around what to eat became a minefield. Which piece of research did you believe?

Positive Health Wellness, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Dec. 11, 2017

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