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21st Century And Easy Accessible Games From The Comfort Of Your Home

With the evolution of the digitization era and advancement in technology, mobile gaming has profoundly influenced the gaming industry. Over recent years, the number of online players has spiked. No doubt, the easy access to smartphones and the excellent internet connectivity have played a significant role in contributing to this increasing haul. The variation of games offered to gamers also becomes an essential aspect behind this ever-increasing craze for online gaming.

Here are some of the latest and trending games.

Need For Speed

Need for speed- first released in 1994, is a car racing games franchise, currently developed by Ghost Games. Published by Electronic Arts, this gaming application has presently come up with Need For Speed series, which includes 24 more upgraded versions of car racing games.

The gaming series centers on streetcar racing, where the players need to win the race while circumventing the legal enforced laws and rules of street racing. With its massive success over the years, the franchise has made a sale of over $150 million in the last 25 years.

Clash of Clans

This fiction based strategic gameplay – developed and published by Supercell, which features tasks where the players have to build their separate town. This is to be done by gathering several resources by attacking the other players. However, the players can also form troops or clans to attack and gain resources.

The setting of Clash of Clan is all about planning, battling, and earning. It was first released only for iOS devices, but with its expanding popularity, it was made available for the android users as well. With this, it became the most installed gaming app on both the Play Store and App Store.

Online Casinos

Online casinos came up as a means of betting and experiencing the thrill of a real casino just right through the mobile screens. With every possible game made available for the players, these also offer sure bounties for all the gamblers.

With this trend of online gambling, the need for reliable wagering platforms was also taken into consideration. With comfort and ease, top-ranked certified US casinos online also guarantee safe and fair gameplay for the players.

Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG)

PUBG featured the battle royale game and was published and developed by the PUBG Corporation. The gameplay is all about surviving the battle till the end while evading the encounters. The players are set out on an isle, i.e., the battle royale, who have to look for weapons and equipment to kill the opponents.

Players can enter the game single or with a team. The person or troop that gets to survive the battle wins the game. PUBG, with its release, immensely took over the online gaming platforms and also got nominated amongst the Game of the Year category.