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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Weightlifting

There are a plethora of reasons why people begin to train in weightlifting. While some of them are inspired by the esthetics of weightlifting technique the others want to improve their physical strength or to resist the sedentary lifestyle. However, all of us want to minimize the risk of injury and health issues as we grow older.

It may be hard to believe but weightlifting is effective for all these purposes and even more.  But even experienced weightlifters are not fully aware of the advantages and consequences of speed-strength workouts.

Let’s talk about 10 facts you probably don’t know about weightlifting.

  1. It increases bone density

Weightlifting prevents osteoporosis. Aging makes us lose bone and muscle mass, this is particularly true for women that are more vulnerable to this disease. Strength workouts force muscles to adapt making them thicker and stronger. Since your bones are the frame carrying all these muscles they will become stronger too.

  1. It improves joint mobility

Multi-joint weightlifting exercises such as snatch, clean & jerk, squats and pulls are a great remedy against the aftermath of hunched sitting over the computer in the office or long hours of driving. Improving the mobility of your shoulder and hip joints is likely to drastically decrease the probability of problems with your back.

  1. It accelerates metabolism

A speed-strength workout makes metabolic rate higher, especially at rest. It means that you continue to actively burn calories during the rest of the day and even in your sleeping hours. Combine this with a proper healthy diet to get truly amazing results.

  1. It enhances workability and efficiency

Weightlifting workout enhances athletic performance. It is especially beneficial for functional strength, greatly evolving under the impact of snatches and clean & jerks. I think that everyone is familiar with the photo of legendary 6-times NBA champion Scottie Pippen performing the power clean.

  1. It’s the perfect solution for women

Women can’t get their muscles overgrown from weightlifting. Despite the CrossFit popularity, many women are still wary of speed-strength workouts. But actually, there is no need to worry about this as masculinization and serious muscle gains are impossible without steroid intake. But to get a beautiful body with perfectly shaped and toned muscles heavyweights must be lifted. And women have the upper hand here as their muscles recover faster than those of men.

  1. It helps to burn more fat

Explosive and other anaerobic exercises have proven to be more effective in losing fat and increasing strength than aerobic exercises.

  1. It will keep you youthful
Oleksiy Torokhtiy

Weightlifting will increment your muscle mass, which is a key to healthy body composition. Age 25 is a borderline after which we lose half a kilo of muscle mass annually unless we do something about that.

  1. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment

To perform weightlifting workouts you don’t need tons of machines to work on every muscle group. In order to make a full-fledged training, all you need is a barbell with weights and a rack. Oleksiy Torokhtiy is a well-known athlete, coach and blogger that offers you a variety of great weightlifting training programs.

  1. It will grant you flexibility

Weightlifting improves flexibility and mobility. Though the stereotype about a builder that can’t reach his toes is reasonable it has nothing to do with a well-designed training process in weightlifting. You will develop joint mobility and stability in order to perform the snatch and clean & jerk properly and with good techniques. Optimal movement range in your shoulder and hip joints, the ability to deeply squat and bend over, control over the balance and elasticity of the muscular system is the desired result for anyone.

  1. It may make your sex life better

Weightlifting makes man’s sex life better and not only due to his great physique. Strength training makes the body produce more testosterone that has a direct impact on sexual activity. Besides, weightlifting increases strength and endurance so helpful in bed.