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10 Things That People in Florida Love

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The native Floridian is a highly unusual and varied species, but there are certain things that all of us adore. It’s a location where you may relax with a drink in one hand and sandals on your feet all year. It’s a location where you can play a round of golf with your pals at any time of the year, and where you may spend time with your favorite Disney characters.

This is the Sunshine State, and whether you live in Florida or are simply planning to visit this summer, there are some things that every resident has come to love about their home.

The Weather

Forget about wearing coats and scarves for months on end. There’s nothing more freeing than knowing you can dress light all year long. And even though it’s hot outside most of the time, feeling a warm summer breeze soothes your soul. Plus, what better way to beat the heat than taking an outdoor swim?

Disney World

Whether you’re five years old or 35 years old, seeing Mickey Mouse at his happiest makes everyone smile. Even if you don’t ride any rides or go on any adventures with your favorite characters, just knowing they around make you feel like a kid again. That’s the beauty of Disney World.

Outlets and malls galore

When you live in Florida, there’s no reason to go bargain hunting or wait for those once-a-year Black Friday sales to get the best deals on shoes, clothes, and kitchen appliances.

Plus, if you download coupons from Groupon or Living Social chances are there will always be a deal going on at one of these megastores.

Boating, tubing and skiing (in some areas)

A water park is fun, but there’s nothing better than taking a quick drive to the coast and jumping on your boat to go tubing or skiing with your friends. No matter how old you are, there’s no greater feeling than knowing you’re about to hit the water.

Having something for everyone

Forget trying to impress those hard-to-please people who only want to eat at restaurants that are five stars rated. The fact that Florida has everything from Food Network Award-winning chefs like Michael Mina, Scott Conant, and Michelle Bernstein (not to mention Joe Flamm!) cooking up flavorsome masterpieces at their respective restaurants.

Affordable real estate

If you’re looking to buy a house but don’t have the pockets of Tiger Woods,  never fear! Florida has some of the most affordable homes in America, with median housing prices (the middle price) sitting around $211,000.

Just remember: The sale price isn’t always the best price — ask your realtor about buying foreclosures, short sales and bank-owned homes.

Lottery and Fun

Florida is a great place for lottery lovers. Fantasy5, Florida Lotto, Florida Lotto Double Play, Jackpot Triple Play, are some of the popular games people play in Florida. You can also check the full list of lotteries and results available in Florida at lottery texts.

Theme parks galore

It’s not all about Disney World. Florida is also home to Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, and other world-class theme parks where your inner child can play for days on end. Whether you love roller coasters or prefer taking a relaxing ride on an old-fashioned carousel, there’s never a dull moment at any one of these amazing attractions. And with many parks offering discounts if you buy tickets online, why wait in line?

Great shopping venues

That dress you bought at the outlet mall isn’t going to wear itself! With every major department store from Saks Fifth Avenue to Macy’s to Nordstrom, as well as trendy boutiques and high-end outlets like The Walk-in Aventura Mall, Florida is a shopper’s paradise.

Beautiful weather

There are some drawbacks to living in Florida — hurricanes being one of them — but who cares when the sun is shining every day of the year? With an average temperature ranging from 66 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months up until 90 degrees F during summertime highs, there’s never a bad time to go out and enjoy life.

Plenty of events and activities

With the steady flow of tourists showing up every day, there’s always something going on in Florida if you know where to look. Whether it’s spending your vacation at Universal Studios or checking out the latest exhibits at MOCA, Art Basel Miami Beach or Winter Music Conference, you’ll never be bored as long as there are people around.