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Your Internet Security: How To Select A VPN And Top 5 VPNs


According to Reuters, the vote by Congress to repeal rules on how internet service providers can use customer data has generated renewed interest in an old internet technology: virtual private networks, or VPNs.

Many companies have been using VPNs for years, and for workers who telecommute it’s a must.

Recently, South Florida Reporter, purchased a VPN service for use on all of our mobile devices.

Here are why you’d want a VPN, how to select a VPN and the top 5 VPN companies.

1. Privacy and Avoid Getting Hacked Online

More than 50% of all Americans will get hacked online.

That adds up to hundreds of millions of people that will have their private lives upended, with sensitive details exposed. Not just your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Those are small stakes. We’re talking bank information, social security numbers, and family pictures of your spouse or kids on computer hard drives.

With a VPN, you’ll be more safe.

2. Get Access to Blocked Sites and Content

Traveling? Located in another country? Without a VPN, you might have problem to get access to IP-location restricted sites, such as:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Hulu

With a VPN, you can get an access to any website you want (VPN temporarily changes your IP address).

3. Be Secure on Public Wi-Fi

How many times have you used public Wi-Fi? I bet more than once or twice.

Every time you use one, you’re exposed to some really heavy security risks.

VPN will protect you from public lurkers and route your sensitive information through another network so it can be filtered out.

5 Best VPN Services and In-depth Reviews

Last updated: March, 2017




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